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Pink Plumeria Flowers


Though not as bold as red, pink plumeria flowers have a unique place among plumeria flowers when it comes to color. Bright pink colors express youth, fun, excitement, and confidence. Pink, since being chosen as the color to symbolize the fight against women’s breast cancer possibly for its association with baby girls, has internationally added awareness and hope to its already recognized romantic and charming appeal. Pink plumeria flowers offer this softer side to their red counterparts.

Pink flowers come in different shades known as blush, coral, fuchsia, raspberry, rose, salmon, hot pink, and magenta. Some named pink plumeria flowers among Plumeria rubra officially registered with the Plumeria Society of America include Charlotte Ebert, Grove Farm, Maui Beauty, Mela Matson, Sally Moragne, and Slaughter Pink.

Charlotte Ebert has hot pink flowers. The flowers average four inches in diameter with highly overlapping petals which are elliptical in shape. Flowers show a small yellow center. The fragrance is described as jasmine with a hint of coconut. The keeping quality of the flowers is good with the hot pink color of the petals fading over time. Charlotte Ebert is a tall upright growing plumeria.

Grove Farm has medium pink colored flowers. The flowers are more than four inches in diameter with highly overlapping petals which are wide and elliptical in shape. Flowers have a strong yellow center and red bands on the back. Dark pink lines run throughout the petals on the front. The texture of these plumeria flowers is heavy resulting in a good keeping quality. The fragrance of Grove Farm is described as mild and spicy.

Maui Beauty has blush pink flowers. The flowers average between three and three and a half inches in diameter with moderately overlapping petals which have rounded tips. Flowers show a vibrant pink band on the back with the center of the flower being bright yellow. The fragrance reminds one of lemons. The keeping quality of the flowers is very good. Maui Beauty exhibits a well balanced growth habit.

Mela Matson has medium pink colored flowers with a dark pink band on the back. The flowers are between three and four inches in diameter and composed of reflexed petals. The petals of this plumeria flower are wide, rounded, and overlapping. Mela Matson has a sweet fragrance with some lemon. This plumeria is very floriferous and blooms for a long time. The keeping quality of the flowers is good. The growth habit of this plumeria tree is upright and somewhat lanky.

Sally Moragne is one of the famous Moragne hybrids. These plumeria flowers open with a soft peachy pink color and fade to white with pink as they age. Both colors, peachy pink and white with pink, are present on the inflorescence and create a beautiful contrast of colors. The flowers are very large, up to five inches in diameter, with the petals being wide with a rounded tip and highly overlapping. The texture of the flowers is heavy resulting in a very good keeping quality. The fragrance is strong and sweet. Sally Moragne grows tall with an upright growth habit.

Slaughter Pink has light pink flowers with darker pink showing on the edges of the petals. This plumeria is easy to grow, and produces huge clusters of flowers. The flowers average four inches in diameter and have petals which are reflexed, separated and have a pointed tip. These plumeria flowers have a strong citrus fragrance.

These are just some of many well known pink plumerias. These are proven performers producing delightful scented plumeria flowers. They can be grown successfully in your garden with proven and tested guidelines.

Plumeria ‘Charlotte Ebert’

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Great information you have posted on this blog!

I've seen many large Plumeria ‘Charlotte Ebert’ growing outside here in San seems to grow fast and blooms profusely from May - December.

18 Apr, 2011



Plumerias are delight sensitive.

Happy Growing,


18 Apr, 2011

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