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Live on the edge of North York moors - as garden had been neglected for many years and rural location , wildlife had adopted it.

Plot is only 100 x 50 ' last year installed a wildlife pond which all birds and animals seem to enjoy.Trying to acheive a balance between allowing garden to retain its attraction to birds and animals whilst preventing a totally over grown and un cared for appearance.

Dont use any chemicals in the garden and it seems nature has a way of balancing benefits against traditional pests.This is my preference but very much enjoy the diversity the site brings from others gardens here in the UK and around the world.

Wherever and whatever your gardening style guess its important to bring happiness and enjoyment in a stressful world its our retreat .Happy gardening.

Although work as a gardener this does not make me an expert far from it ! I spend a great deal of my time manicuring others gardens - my own preference is for a garden that happily co - exists with the wildlife that wants to use it.

When joined originally just thought pick up a few ideas chat to one or two people not realising how addictive this could become ..Jane my partner began reading then contributing decided against seperate membership .. can you imagine chats between us ..heaven forbid ! sorry if gets confusing but Jane declares when she s on site.

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