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Malvern Spring Show, Saturday.


Malvern, met up with Spritz and Louise, then later Grindle and others, but I don’t know if they’re on you won’t know them lol. I’m sure Louise or Spritz will tell me:-)
I’m afraid I found the outside show gardens not very inspiring. It seemed to be to be more about accessories than plants. This, I think, is one of the better ones, quite a pretty courtyard.

Accessories to the fore

Edibles mixed prettily with ornamentals, though probably all from edible family.

I couldn’t understand this at all, maybe I should have read about it:-) Large silver bread bins…eh? I learned nothing about plants from this, although the orange iris, no name, was stunning.

I thought I recognised her, Goy member, seemed to be wearing that ‘wedding hat’:-)

In one marquee there were occupants of a local butterfly farm. They were enclosed in a black mesh cage, which I think, makes it look like a painting.

Here we have the living brooch…eek! She was rather beautiful, but her male was a brown stick insect.

My favourite..stunning exhibit, very romantic garden..lots of ideas:-)

The actinidia looks painted. I had one years ago…never looked like this:-)

Last and most definitely not about that for an elder:-)

Wasn’t really last, but I’m tired now:-)

Here’s my trolley;-)

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Coming home on the coach I read Cotswold Garden Flowers brochure...fantastic read, I would recommend everyone to get one (mine was free) although the price on the front is £1.50..well worth it. I was home before I knew it and still only got to 'M':-)

16 May, 2011


Is that an orange/peach coloured cosmos in your trolley? I am not too good at identifying plants so might be guessing wrongly. I like the colour very much...can you tell me what it is, please, BA?

I saw the Malvern Show featured on Friday's Gardener's World and thought it looked great...although you do sound less impressed with actually attending (except for being able to meet up with friends, of course!).

16 May, 2011


Lots of stunning pictures, although the emphasis does seem to be on accessories in the outside garden, these can be very attractive bu for me I prefer to have the emphasis on the plants which in most instances dont need stainless steel and iron work to show their beauty, one exception here did like the ironwork gate in picture one. my favourite has to be the cottage garden fabulous with all the white flowers lighting up the garden also the Elders wonderful colours! would have like to have met the stars of the show the GOY members;0))

16 May, 2011


so enjoyed your blog BA and glad you had a n ice time meeting other members, lovely set of photos to, not sure about the modern features in some gardens, like the bread bins lol, take some polishing to haha :o))

16 May, 2011


Hi Wl, it's a brand new geum (got a bit of a thing for geums), flowers for ever and tall too, from Hardy's plants called Totally's cracking:-)

Pp, the iron work was lovely and it had been allowed to rust. The Grange Farm Nursery exhibit was so lovely...that's why I've put lots of pics on of it, such lovely colour schemes. I don't think the Sambuccus Thundercloud was part of, but it's one i'm going to have. I've got black lace, but this is even better:-)

Lol Sandra..I wonder what they did, surely they must have some use. Hope you had a lovely holiday? I must look and see if you have a new blog:-))

16 May, 2011


Thanks for the ID, BA...I've made a note of it and will see if it is available hereabouts.

16 May, 2011


Lovely pics,Ba..I like the raised bed,with Alliums,,and the elder...and like you,I don't see the connection with the bread bins..glad you had a nice day out,with your GoY friends..:o)

16 May, 2011


Thanks Ba Great photos. I love it when show pics are in a blog as it really gives a feel for the show.

16 May, 2011


Nice to see a show like that. i don't know about those designs. Some are very nice and others look a bit stiff. I suppose you can get ideas from them.
It's nice you met other members there aswell :) I wouldn't know them if I saw them. They never show their faces on here.

16 May, 2011


Love the blog ... so intrigued by the 'bread bins' that I searched through the show gardens! Take a look at 'The Atomic Journey' by Becky Hand and all becomes clear ... well I think so ... lol! : o ))

16 May, 2011


Oooh intrigued now Shirley, I'll do that small do I find the show gardens? :-)

17 May, 2011


You're welcome W/lass, I've decided where it's going now:-)
Bloomer, I think that elder may find its way into my garden:-)
Thanks Drc, I like looking through show pics too. The problem with me is that I like to give credit and I always forget to make a note of exhibititors name. Fortunately the romantic cottage garden had a big sign at the gate:-)
Hi Hywel, I did take a photo of Louise and Grindle with other gardeners I'm not sure are on GOY...oh...and the back of Spritz's head lol. She is camera shy, but I told her we all love her handlebar moustache:-) I'll ask them if it's ok to put a pic on:-)
I've gone out of order a bit with my replies, dying to know from Shirley where I can find info of show gardens...I'm such an ignoramus lol:-))))

17 May, 2011


Good morning, Ba, just Google this: 'The Atomic Journey' garden by Becky Hand at Malvern 2011 and voila! : o )

17 May, 2011


lol no need for a photo. I was just kidding. Sometimes I sound more stern than I mean to :o) I have a strange way of saying things lol

17 May, 2011


Thanks Shirley:-)
Lol Hywel, I hardly ever take anyone seriously, I knew what you meant. I would like to put on the pic though, but would like them to see them first and pick which one...such vain creatures:-)

17 May, 2011


Hope you find the info. Ba! : o )

17 May, 2011


I've looked at the explanation Shirley, I must be old fashioned...prefer to see plants and get ideas for my garden...still, if I'm ever going to build a Hedron collider...I'll bear this garden in mind lol:-) Its getting like the worst follies of modern art...pile of bricks, dirty bed...all about the concept. Next year we may see models of bankers, toasting each other with glasses of champagne trampling on a map of Britain (made up of flowers to placate gardeners) to depict the recession lol;-))

17 May, 2011


Let's just say I would never want the 'atom-style' idea in my own garden! I'm far too traditional . . .

17 May, 2011


Just seen this BA, you cheeky mare!!!!! Lol .The sad thing was I had to take Friday off work with a bad migraine and couldn't go as I felt like yukk. I hate them and wish they would leave me alone. I read an article online that said by the age of 50 you should be free (not happening here) also that you lose brain cells with every attack, so I have worked out that with them and the vodka I will be Lady Ga Ga by the time I am 55!!
Glad you had a good time though x

17 May, 2011


looks interesting .................... glad you met up with some goy frends , and the wether looked gud

18 May, 2011


Eh?? what have I done now? Sorry to hear about your migraine Annella, I've only had them a few times when I was young, thankfully, stopped in my early 20's. So I know how awful they are. I have heard that a common trigger is! Sorry, only joking:-)) Hope you're feeling better now?:-)
Hi Cristina, thanks. It's always nice to meet friends, and yes, the weather was fine, far better than last year when we all froze:-)

19 May, 2011


just loads of rain here now urgggg ............... soon be tatton show ......

20 May, 2011


We've only had one good downpour and it seems ages ago now:-( Are you going to Tatton?:-)

21 May, 2011


may do if i can drag the oh there !!! will you go or is it too far ? rain an bit of sun today , looking 4 ward to watching Chelsey .............

22 May, 2011


Depends if I can get a coach to there Cristina:-)

23 May, 2011


well if you do let me know !!! you never know may meet up with ur !!!

23 May, 2011


lovely photos ~ thanks Ba ~ as you know i couldnt go ~ but i think your pictures have made up for it ~ i loved that cottage garden one. will you be making one of those??

23 May, 2011


Hi Sticki \0/ my garden is sort of cottage gardeny, but last year the grass went and I had a makeover, so it will take some time to get it how I want it. Don't tell me you haven't seen my garden in my blogs lol. It's funny how ones tastes change...mine have gone very romantic and I may even have the odd ornament too...all GOY's fault:-)

24 May, 2011


i like cottage but not sure about romantic ~ if it happened to look like that i would never say it!! im just not the romantic sort!! some ornaments are great fun. visited andrewr's garden on monday ~ he has a great giraffe in the garden ~ its lovely. not sure what i would have ~ i do have 2 cheeky looking pixies climbing up the fence ~ i like them cos they make me smile.

24 May, 2011


Oh dear, I thought I had read all the Malvern blogs, very good loved all the photos, see what you mean about that Sambucus it does look a splendid one, did you get the name of it?

7 Jun, 2011


It's thundercloud Dd, when I mentioned the Cotswold Garden Flowers catalogue, (above comment somewhere) I didn't mention that they have an amazing number of sambucus varieties..I never knew there were so many:-)

8 Jun, 2011


Thanks BA......I would like another one, I might just have some space, somethings have got to go.

9 Jun, 2011


I know what you mean Dd, I have a white peony with allegedly golden anthers which looked lovely in the a big water lily. unfortunately its few, smallish, flowers open with diseased, dark brown anthers, looking like a large dying bee. It's going. I don't have the room for plants like that, and it's just at the top of the steps (premier position) I need a show stopper there, so have to put my thinking cap on:-)

10 Jun, 2011


did you see the alan titchmarsh program tonight with that beautiful garden in hampshire

10 Jun, 2011


Yes, I saw Dottydaisy2's blog about it first though:-)

11 Jun, 2011

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