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July 30th Pelsall Music Live, Rebecca’s (Boos) brainchild. It was a lot of hard work, but what a success.
It may not be Glastonbury, but it was a gloriously sunny day and there was no mud! All artists gave their time for free, everyone had a wonderful day and a lot of money was raised. I was one proud mummy:-))

This is the Electric Pride Marquee. All proceeds to Pelsall Pride, a community organisation which in partnership with Walsall Council and Musicians For life helped Boo with the organisation of this wonderful music festival.

Paul, Mitch, Robyn and Aislinn when we first arrived. Water needed to survive the heat!

The Lock In at the Electric Pride Marquee, No 2 son Chris in centre, drummer Baden obscured. I’m afraid this was the only band I watched at the electric marquee.

Most of the time I was at the other: Vanessa Bridge ( a lovely girl who died young, friend of Chris and Boo)Acoustic Marquee. All proceeds from here to British Heart Foundation.

This is Fiddler On The Hoof, Alias No 1 son Ade.

Friends, married couple Andy and Ally, brilliant singers.

Charity stalls set out under the sheltering trees, it really was hot. Pelsall Common is a lovely venue as you can see.

Boo doing her stewarding bit in her cowboy hat??

Robyn (Chris & Mitch’s) in auntie Boo’s hat chatting with Terra, Ally and Andy’s daughter in very fetching headgear.

Two young hooligans, Stevie and Aislinn, (Rebecca and Paul’s) displaying more fetching headgear.

Aislinn has found a dancing partner, Jake from her school. The pub in the background is The Railway Inn. I hope they made a good contribution to the charities as it was an alcohol free event and they surely benefited.

These are some of the very talented Btec pupils from Shelfield Community Academy.

This is Tony Porlocks finale where he called a lot of his friends on stage. Tony is sitting third from right, he’s a great musician. Paul, Boo’s husband is on the far left showing his knobbly knees, Ade, Chris and Boo scattered about.

A lot of my pics were no good as the sun was so bright.

August 6th was my granddaughter Robyns Birthday. She wanted a big family meal and that’s what she got, there were 13 of us. Fifteen if counting the dogs, just to make sure, not that I’m superstitious lol. We have to bring in a garden table as my dining table only seats eight.

Blowing out the candles

Big cuddle for glamorous Nanny

I have loads of pics , but I don’t want to bore you lol

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It is so nice to see people enjoying themselves. glad the weather was smiling to.

11 Aug, 2011


Thanks Ba - what a great day out!

11 Aug, 2011


Looked great fun, thanks for sharing it with us!

11 Aug, 2011


What a lovely family you have,Ba..and great they worked so hard to put this must be a really proud mum,and Grandma..Looked like a smashing day out for everyone..Lovely Grandchildren too..and Robyn looks like she had a nice birthday..:o)

11 Aug, 2011


Thanks Bloomer, like you, I'm very lucky:-))

12 Aug, 2011


Oooops how did I do that? Thank you Drc, Sheilabub and Lulu:-))

21 Aug, 2011


What a great blog, and well captured too, despite the brightness of the sun! so glad that she had great weather, and that is was such an outstanding success..a real feather in her cap. Well done Rebecca!! Thanks for sharing this with us Ba. Lovely family photos too...Are you now working on a fashion range of hats as modelled here for your growing empire?.\0/x

4 Sep, 2011


I'm working on it Flori...ignore the last bit of my pm (moaning about no-one looking at my blog lol) :-))

4 Sep, 2011


I think that it looked great, and I am all for anything that supports music and gets families together..Wish I lived closer as I would have jumped on board was such a lovely share..\0/x

4 Sep, 2011


Thanks Flori:-)))

6 Sep, 2011


It shines through all of your pictures what a great time folks were having, and how proud of your family you are.
A truly lovely blog.

7 Sep, 2011


Thanks Stroller, It was lovely at the music festival to see people of all ages enjoying themselves and there was a party of children with special needs, in wheelchairs who absolutely loved listening to the jigs on the fiddle:-)

7 Sep, 2011


sorry i missed this ~ i know why ~ we had gone to the hotel for son's wedding.
it looks a great event.

8 Sep, 2011


Yes and not a picture of the wedding to be seen! I want to see you in your wedding outfit:-)

9 Sep, 2011


oh no!!! i hate pictures of me.

9 Sep, 2011


Well you don't have to look at it:-)))

10 Sep, 2011

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