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*VISIT TO DAVID AUSTIN ROSES* (something for everyone)


On Tuesday I went to David Austins with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter Aislinn

At the gate, we were welcomed by this gentleman. There are at least three roaming round, possibly security?

I’ve got my beady eyes on you

Roses as far as the eye can see

This is the restaurant

I thought it would be interesting to see which roses were giving a good show at this time of year. Lovely splash of colour, Cordelia.

lovely in close up.

This is the shop which you have to walk through, more of this later, lovely rose just outside.

Zoom in, English musk, Skylark. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the darker rose.

Close up, lovely flower.

Outside to selling area

Emma … sigh …the glorious Lady Emma Hamilton. The combination of flower colour and new leaf colour was fantastic.

Here is the lovely Pat Austin.

Pale and lovely Queen of Sweden.

I think this is Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Sir John Betjeman

Sir J B in bed with Summer Song.

Summersong in close up. This is a strange colour, not quite shown here, as though you had a peachy salmon and added a little brown. Very unusual, but I liked it and was trying to think of colours that would enhance its undoubted beauty.

Now here is a lovely little chap we met here called Bertie. He was a lovely little square dog although his legs look short from this angle. His owners informed me that he was a white schnauzer, a new one on me so I had to google. I don’t think the colour is recognised by the KC here, but I found that it is recognised in some countries. Personally I would guess at some westie or even bichon influence way back. He had good black pigment, but his coat was quite soft. Just thought I’d put his pic on for like minded doggie people.

Shop, a great place to shelter from the sudden downpour, some lovely stuff, but some very expensive too.

Hats for Poppylover.

Pretty bags:

I fell for this little tea pot. Just the thing to give me a nice strong cup of tea. Well over thirty pounds …ah well.

From the shop you can visit the gardens which I would dearly loved to have done had there been time and if I was there with another mad plant lover.

A strange thing happens to me when shopping with my daughter. I always end up buying things I probably wouldn’t have bought when on my own. What did I buy?
Sophy’s Rose. These pics don’t show so well how the scarlet centre of each flower looks lit up from within.

A delightful little climber, Warm Welcome. A bit of a spiky brute, but charming.

I’ve never wanted a blue rose ….but fell for this…blue For You, great smell too as does Sophy’s Rose. I may get them in today. I know which shrubs are coming out lol:0)

This has taken hours to do as I kept duplicating and adding wrong pics. I hope you’re not bored as it’s rather long:o)

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beautiful flowers BA, thank you!! its well worth a visit isnt it, sadly i didnt get to go in the restaurant!!

23 Aug, 2012


You had a lucky escape Sticki, staff lovely, but the meal I had I left and it wasn't cheap, £7.99 for pasta and 'home made' tomato sauce. I thought the sauce would be something special at that price, but it was not nice. If I made sauce like that I would have thrown it away and there was a tiny sprinkling of parmesan:-( I would go again though, I'd love to see the gardens for ideas:-))

23 Aug, 2012


oh dear me that is not good!!! i would be upset about that too!!

i like their idea of smelling the roses in the garden and then finding the one you like in the GC part,

maybe just a cup of tea next time?

23 Aug, 2012


OH B/A this is the David Austin you went to see, silly me, I thought you had another fellow, must say though iit looks a beautiful place, but not for food.

23 Aug, 2012


Maybe they had to increase the prices to make up for lack of visitors June - July when the Roses were not in bloom, same as everyone else ? The overheads still have to be paid.
Saved in Favourities anyway.

23 Aug, 2012


What a heavenly place to stroll around and really get the senses going with all those gorgeous colours and the scented air must have been equally heavenly, I love your choices too, thoug Im afraid I would have found it very hard to choose, can just hear my hubby saying" hurry up they all look the same to me" so definately would have to visit with a real Rose lover;0))

23 Aug, 2012


What a place to be spoilt for choice !
You chose some nice roses. I hope you got round to planting them.

23 Aug, 2012


I enjoyed that, what a place! Looks amazing. Glad you bought some roses, Pat Austin is on my list to buy in the Autumn.

23 Aug, 2012


Sophy's Rose does look amazing. Mmm I can almost smell them just lookinga the photos! Pity about the pasta. I once did some child minding for an Italian lady who used to work away a lot with an orchestra and learned the secret recipe she had for any amazingly simple sauce which I still make once a week. The secret ingredient is simply a pinch of ground Bay but you don't see that much in this country, usually just the whole leaves which take ages to give up their flavour!

23 Aug, 2012


Lovely blog BA. Super pictures too. These kind of places can be rather expensive cant they.
Nice choices you made. I have WArm Welcome growing as a climber on my shed. The amount of flowers it has is incredible.

I hope you get back one day too see the gardens in all their glory!

23 Aug, 2012


Ps. I thought the dog was a Westie!

23 Aug, 2012


Wow I would'nt be able to choose from that lot!
Some wonderful roses there BA, love summersong :-)

I dont think that Bertie is a pure breed BA, head looks to chunky & coat looks far too soft for a schnauzer.

I hope you picked up that chicken teapot for my birthday tomorrow, lol.

24 Aug, 2012


Lol Sticki, you're just rubbing it in now, I never got into the garden to see that great idea:-( They do cakes there, so I would probably have been better off with tea and cake:-)

24 Aug, 2012


Now then Yorkie, you know I'm faithful to Jj and R's legs:-)

24 Aug, 2012


Hi Diane, I don't mind the price if it's good, but it wasn't:-( There were lots of people there by the time we left, and the shop was busy too. I imagine it's popular whatever the weather, I'd have gone in June given the chance, I'd go any time if I could lol, all I need is a bigger garden:-)

24 Aug, 2012


That's the problem Carole, I kept worrying that the others would be bored. If I had been alone, I would have had a notebook out as well as taking lots more pics. It would have been good to see the roses in the garden and seeing the colour combinations etc too. Still, I really enjoyed the visit:-)

24 Aug, 2012


you didnt go in the garden?

maybe next time? got to be worth another visit?

24 Aug, 2012


I'll cross my fingers Sticki:-)

25 Aug, 2012


They're not in yet Hywel, but my lovely son-in-law Paul has dug out a large viburnum opulus for me which is destroyed every year by viburnum beetle and an old handsome variegated cornus which was too big. Now I have room to spare:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Thanks Da, I've had a few from there through the post and they've done very well:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Hi Julie, you can't leave it there lol, you must put your recipe on here and how we can but the powdered bay:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Thanks Scottish, I didn't intend buying a climber, but such lovely colour and the flowers look almost wild, I bet the bees love them? Pity about all the prickles though lol:-) ps I thought he was a westie cross at first with very long legs:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Willi my girl ...Happy Birthday \0/ had I known, of course I would have bought it for you, although thinking it a little expensive for myself. I'm like that:-)
I googled the white schnauzer, it's definitely recognised in various countries and definitely 'typey'. The cross, if cross there is, rather than mutation, took place many generations back. Possibly like silver toy poodles, who were reputed to come from bedlington crosses way back and it took generations to move away from the roach back which many still had when I was showing. You can imagine the mishaps I had in the ring lol such as running right through the ropes:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Oooh dont post it BA it might get broken, I'll come & collect it, lol.
Oh yeah your right about the roached backs, never thought of that.
When I showed the Beardies I used to like to use the whole ring so would tread on peoples toes if they sat too close to the ring, Lol.

25 Aug, 2012


I always felt stupid and embarassed when showing (my default mode) I found many exhibitors were not really dog lovers and know a lot of the show dogs had a pretty constricted life:-( About that teapot ....erm ....I dropped it:-)

25 Aug, 2012


Looks a great place to visit Ba.....I should love to see all the roses in the of in the catalogue. I can imagine the scent mooching through scores of these....don't fancy the meal though, these places always seem to bump the price up on gift items and you could always take your folding chair, sandwiches and!

27 Aug, 2012


Next time Janey lol:-)

28 Aug, 2012

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