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In the avenue
the last few leaves
of the trees
sit atop the branches … like birds

Bus to Walsall
Buy a bracelet
to keep soldiers
off the streets …. like litter

Pass a beggar
cap beside him
on the pavement
was he a soldier? …. give him money

Beggar blessed me
would be better
if his God would
give him blessing ….. and a home

To the bus stop
bags feel heavy
damp and dismal
soon be home now ….. tea and cake

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Its a very thoughtful poem Ba.
I haven't seen those wristbands but am distressed to hear that our soldiers are in such need.

4 Dec, 2012


You are very clever BA, and as Pam says ~ thoughtful too

you could be the next poet laureate! keep writing!

4 Dec, 2012


A very thought provoking poem BA.

4 Dec, 2012


That is very nice,Ba,and sadly true about some job,no money no self esteem and even worse,no hope ! You only have to look at lots of American soldiers as well as ours..and for what? ..I hate it when some people say they will only spend it on drugs or booze,when you give...a friend of mine always buys one a sandwich and a tin of food for his dog,if she sees them ...

4 Dec, 2012


So true . . . I keep thinking how lucky we are to have warmth and comfort, when some folks have so little :(

4 Dec, 2012


We are very lucky,Sheila..but human nature being what it is,we still moan over unimportant included !

4 Dec, 2012


Yes, human nature indeed. It's not always easy to count our blessings is it? I was horrified by the amount of beggars in the streets of Edinburgh on a recent visit. I never give them money now, ever since I saw someone 'running' them like a pimp in Dundee. I was horrified. Now I would only give to homeless charities, but they seem to have enough money these days (at least the local ones do) so I stopped giving to them as well, and now it feels so wrong to not give to the people in the difficult to know what is best to do for them, and some will ask directly which I find particularly hard to refuse. Great poem btw!

4 Dec, 2012


A winter day in life as it is Ba. As gardeners, we see beauty in most things, but harsh reality is only round the corner. I would always give to street sitters myself, until I realised most were buying drugs with the proceeds.

A poignant look at our life today.

4 Dec, 2012


Thanks for all your lovely comments, not sure whether to put it on as it's not really gardening lol. Poignant definitely my November mood. . Enjoyed the tea and cake though, swallowed my feelings of guilt. Can't get enough of M&S apple turnovers:-)

5 Dec, 2012


Their iced buns are nice too
the pink ones have jam in. :0))

5 Dec, 2012


Don't start me on more cakes Pam. Yesterday popped to Morrisons, but the nearest they had to apple turnovers were raspberry fresh cream turnovers ...had to buy them. The pastry was not a patch on Marks' though ....still enjoyed them:-)

5 Dec, 2012


This was very moving and thought provoking. Lovely choices of words about a troubling subject.

5 Dec, 2012


Nothing wrong in buying a bag of buns for the homeless, and giving them one each. They need food to create warmth to survive. Lots of shelters for them at night now.
They know where they are !
My trouble is I always want to take them home - have to be firm with myself.

6 Dec, 2012


Thanks Wildrose and Diane:-)

6 Dec, 2012

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