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I looked out the window and what did I see
A massive bacterium looking at me

What a discovery, I’ll call it Ba’s Bacs
I’ll be famous like Darwin, Erasmus and Chas.

I ran for my camera before it skidaddled
It was just thawing ice, My poor brain is addled:o(

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Its the poor fishes and frogs brains under neath that may be addled,no air hole.
Don't say how do I acheive that,you could have sat on it until it melted .lol

28 Jan, 2013


Ba Bacs is growing nicely
patterns beautiful but icy
Mother natures ice creations
do not need much legislation

Tiny microscopic sights
blow the mind
and hit the heights

Humans art is very old
But Tate modern
leaves me cold

look closely at a leaf or flower
tiny snow flake
or iceberg tower

Natures patterns large or small
for beauty always beats a wall
of bricks purporting to be art

"the emperors new clothes"
I hear you cry
Whats that I hear?
"and so do I "

29 Jan, 2013


hate to say it looks like E.coli :o)

29 Jan, 2013


Lol Bilbo, I haven't watched it lately, but I did love it. My favourite was Christopher Ecclestone:-))

29 Jan, 2013


Hi Bj's, my last goldfish died last year and I'm determined to have no more:-( It's about 3 feet deep in the centre so frogs should be ok and I forgot to take fountain out too so maybe helps with oxygen? As to sitting on it lol, I did fall in once, does that count? :-) Have you heard from Tetrarch?:-)

29 Jan, 2013


I think that it's catching
this poetry lark
just like the bacteria
but purpose less dark

How wise are your words
regarding the bricks
For nature is art
not mans foolish tricks:-)

29 Jan, 2013


Seabburngirl, I thought that lol:-) Have you had any flooding problems?

29 Jan, 2013


I liked him too Ba, and david tennant, not this one much though, stories not as good, I liked, tom baker too with the long scarf

Have you listened to the new ones written for bbc 4 extra, I listen on the iplayer, the recent ones had graham garden as the baddie

29 Jan, 2013


The bac looked quite lethal at that size! My blog re The North Wall was written by a man,Reginald Arkell.From a book called Green Fingers, last published in 1949. Hope I'm not infringing any copyright.

29 Jan, 2013


Lol Fever, I could tell it was a man and I feel he may be american too, funny though( I'll google him) and I won't tell if you don't:-)

29 Jan, 2013


Pam I liked David Tenneant too, but couldn't remember his name lol Whe Christopher Ecclestone left, I wa so disappointed and didn't think I'd like David Tennant (too camp I thought) but soon grew to love him too. There aren't many Dr Who's I didn't like, just the odd couple. The last time I watched, I wasn't too happy:-( I bought myself a digital radio for Christmas so will be able to listen to these, when are they on? I think Graham Garden would make a good baddie:-)

29 Jan, 2013


They were on the last two weeks but may still be available, I,ll try to find out

I like the radio iplayer, I think I enjoy being told a story......
Some old crime dramas too like peter wimsey and paul temple, and more up to date stuff
GQT of course, the news quiz and "clue" are on my favorites

29 Jan, 2013


They are not available now but if you search for dr who radio 4extra you can put it on to your favorites

29 Jan, 2013


Wow some very talented poets on Goy today! I had a Bacterium too and fear the worse for any wildlife caught under it! ;0(

29 Jan, 2013


Thanks Pam, I fell in love with Inspector James Mclevy, I hope they'll put another series on. Must be something about Scottish policemen I also love Rebus . He been on radio4 too. I think Rankin's a really good writer and have read most of his books. I love any radio play as long as it has a beginning and an end and is not too violent or gory:-) I've always loved the News Quiz in fact I love r4:-)

29 Jan, 2013


You'd love '4extra ' then Ba, the old stories are not as violent, well maybe they are but they don't dwell on it
There is a serial this week that is by an old author "margery allingam"
The detective is albert campion, peter davison played him on tv years ago, it makes ironing much quicker and nice to listen as I knit

29 Jan, 2013


Bilblo, it always happens lol. I loved John Thaw and the music which was Motzart. In the books by Colin Dexter, Morse was a fan of Wagner, not Motzart. I'm glad really that they changed that for tv.
Pam, I've read lots of Lord Pw books and Campion, love all that stuff. I suppose I could google 4 extra and find out what's on when. Have you read Kate Atkinson? I fell in love with her lovely detective Jackson Brodie which was also shown on tv. I think Kate Atkinson is a brilliant writer:-)

29 Jan, 2013


No I,ll have to have a look.....
I used to love ian carmichael as lord peter, in the recordings he take the part there as well
Jill paton walsh wrote a couple of stories from the notes that Sayers left
Thrones and dominations, and the last one.....ooh....
A presumption of death set during the second world war

29 Jan, 2013


no flooding as i'm on the edge of a hill so in the middle of the higher ground.

still love william hartnel, the first dr and the cyber men really messed with my head and sleeping in the dark!!

I used to hide under the table with the tablecloth below my eyeline. my brothers used to scare me with stuff too.

I liked the main copper[cant remember his name] in Life on mars and Ashes to ashes. I know a few policemen from that era and they say its quite realistic for the attitudes of the day.

29 Jan, 2013


Very entertaining as usual, Bacterium has gone from the ponds but is still residing in the waterbutts in my garden and I was horrified to find some white stuff in a very shady spot in my garden today, my mum always used to say that if the snow lingered then more was on the way, lol...
I too am an avid Morse fan, now moved onto Lewis, I don`t think I could listen to anything like that on the radio though, sounds a bit daft but I have to watch whats happening otherwise my imagination goes into overdrive, the reason I say I`m daft is because I do read gory books, LOL....

29 Jan, 2013


Hi Pam, I love Wodehouse, noy too sure of Blandings on BBC at the moment, the 'comic' music annoys me too much as though we needed to be shown where the joke was. Good cast though I think, and the new Father Brown series which was on at 2.15pm every day during the snow and helped me through my confinement, it may be on catch up?
I'm fed up watching Call The Midwife ...I can't get through a program without crying lol, ok, i suppose I enjoy it too:-)

30 Jan, 2013


That's good Sbg, we're quit high up here too.. Good to know know you had proper brothers who knew their job:-) You mean Gene Hunt, I think we all fell in love with him although we probably wouldn't like him in real life. I loved Life on Mars. Also loved Sherlock:-)

30 Jan, 2013


Hi Lincs, thanks, let's hope your mum was wrong:-) I love Lewis too, but apparently Kevin Whately is not enjoying playing him and his side kick ( forgotten his name ) is going to try working in America. So probably the last of Lewis:-( I did try the odd gory book and they all seem to start as they meant to go on lol with very graphic descriptions of autopsies etc:-( Never watched these scandanavian noir stuff either. I don't want to care if anyone dies in crime drama, but like the 'puzzle' aspect of things. I've also been enjoying Death in Paradise on Tuesday nights with Ben Miller playing uptight very English detective on a beautiful desert island. I used to love Jonathan Creek too. I realise I'm into escapism, but their are enough depressing things in life aren't there lol? :-)

30 Jan, 2013


Now that does look like a huge culture Ba.....maybe it could be just as necessary as penicillin.....especially for your fish underneath....:)). Like Lincs I loved Morse...but not too keen on KW, though I see there are some really good actors in Lewis, a bit like Midsomer, but more serious.....ooh yes Dominic Cumberbatch....loved him in Parades End.......:))

30 Jan, 2013


I didn't see that, but loved him in Sherlock, I think he's another one who's thinking of leaving these shores for America:-( I think this bacterium must have grown so big eating my fish, they vanished last year and only found the body of the last one. Well either that or the heron:-)

30 Jan, 2013


Probably the heron, you should have seen the size of the one here in the snow......

30 Jan, 2013


There was one on the roof opposite when the ice went, and I felt sorry for it. Felt like running out and buying it a fish lol. Not really keen on them normally:-)

30 Jan, 2013


But Batter or Breadcrumbs Ba??

30 Jan, 2013


Gene Hunt thank you, its been driving me nuts trying to think of his name. enjoyed sherlock but still prefer the Jeremy Brett ones. Im odd I love the language of the period pieces. have read and re-read Sherlock Holmes stories many times over the years.

30 Jan, 2013


Me too Sbg, but not for a few years. I think I enjoy Sherlock holmes in any form:-)

30 Jan, 2013


Janey, I think it was so hungry it wouldn't have mattered lol:-)

30 Jan, 2013

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