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Look what I got:-) I had an email from Bev (Floribunda)in which she mentioned that she had a cold/flu. I was fine at the time, then had to tell her that I had caught her lurgy via the email. This is what arrived today. It’s totally made by multi-talented Flori, much better than Moon Pig, I’d certainly order one. They’re her new venture, I think she’s trying to compete with me for Business Woman Of The Year …. cheek! We all know her as Florilauri and when you read the verse (in case you don’t know) you’ll understand why:-)

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What a super card! I bet you feel better already :)

28 Feb, 2015


A great surprise and a compliment too. There's a lot of talent about!

28 Feb, 2015


Lovely :))

28 Feb, 2015


That's fabulous Ba, must have perked you up no end, and one to keep when your feeling blue, fun thoughts from Flori B to you....:o))

28 Feb, 2015


Now Janey poetry's the thing
That perks me up no end
Especially when the poetry's
Sent to me by a friend:-)

28 Feb, 2015


Waddy,I only had a cold
Just moaning for moans sake
But what a lovely card I got
It pays to be a fake:-)

28 Feb, 2015


Thank you Stera, our Bev's a star
There's nothing she can't do
She can make great cards ,sing jazz and pop
She's a published author too:-)

28 Feb, 2015


Jane it is a lovely card
If you want one say so do
pretend to be ill, let Flori know
And she'll send one just for you:-)

28 Feb, 2015


She's such a clever girl our B
so kind and generous as you see

I really hope J
that your ploy
will bring her back
for fun on Goy......

1 Mar, 2015


I bait my line with odes and words
then patiently I wait
To lure Flo back to dear old Goy
Let's hope she takes the bait :-)

1 Mar, 2015


I added to the baiting honey
I just hope she finds it funny ?

1 Mar, 2015


Thats really good Ba and I bet it gave you a huge boost...

1 Mar, 2015


I wasn't really very Ill Linc's, just looking for sympathy and look what I got ... It pays to be pathetic lol:-)

1 Mar, 2015


Pam you added quite a lot
I only hope it hit the spot:-)

1 Mar, 2015


If we all try to write in rhyme
Then surely Flo will take the time
To visit us on dear old Goy
I just hope she likes this ploy:-)

1 Mar, 2015


Just typical of you,my friend
to get Flori to take notice..
It's a wonder with your tale of woe,
Bev didn't send a Poultice!
loved the card,so thoughtful..:o) xx

1 Mar, 2015


What's that you say Sandra dear?
A poultice nice and hot,
Could do our Ba no end of good
Would really hit the spot!

Or a goose grease plaster
Slapped heartily on the chest
Would deal with winter's lurgies
Underneath her vest....:o))

Ooh sorry Ba....just couldn't resist.....

1 Mar, 2015


Now look here you two
I suppose you think that you're a pair of wits
Me wear a vest? Did you forget
I'm one of Bloomers tyts!:-)

1 Mar, 2015


Good grief Ba?? What's that you say?
I can't begin to think
Tis some Shakesperian way
Of saying "In the pink"?

2 Mar, 2015


I have high hopes
that Flori dear
will choose to come back soon
on here

especially if she thinks her buddy
is in the Nuddy ?

2 Mar, 2015


So glad that you enjoyed your card,
it was such a pleasure..
I hate to think you poorly Ba,
because under the weather..
You really didn't catch it though..
from my email that I sent..
I make sure mine are virus-free,
of bugs and malcontent.
'Tis true I've been a busy lass,
and drifted from dear Goy..
but kept you all within my heart,
and your wit that I enjoy..
I hope that you are much improved,
dear Ba, and not so groggy..
And I'm really glad that you
so loved, my card with poorly doggy! tee hee hee\0/xxx

2 Mar, 2015


Well there you are...
its good to see
you back with us
and dear old G....

2 Mar, 2015


It's Florilauri \o/ wheeeeeeee

You're back! t'will be just like old times
We lured you here with all our rhymes

The sun is out, the sky is blue
Has this anything to do with you?

Perhaps you're our Persephone
And Hades now has set you free

It's very clear that you must stay
And promise not to go away

Or dreaded Winter will return
You wouldn't want to cause concern

For Winter's not the gardeners friend
We cannot wait for it to end.

So stay dear Flo and we'll be grateful
If you don't we'll think you hateful:-)))

3 Mar, 2015


Yeah!! I do agree,
It's good to see you back
Our dear Flori!

3 Mar, 2015


Tyt? Janey dear I thought you knew
The knowledge makes me sing
cos as a follower of Bloomers
I'm a really Trendy Young Thing :-)

3 Mar, 2015


Hope that you are feeling better now Ba. That is a lovely and very thoughtful card to receive. Flori sent me a special card like that for my birthday, needless to say that I have saved it and kept it safe..

3 Mar, 2015


Hi Richard

Our cards are very precious
And when our flori's famous
We can auction them at Christies
And nobody will blame us:-)

3 Mar, 2015


Oh my! What a warm welcome back..
Hi Janey, Rich & Pam..
I shouldn't have stayed away so long,
from the joys of dear Goyland.

Ba, you are a treasure,
that old Hades helped indeed.
And you guaranteed my ransom,
so at last I was set free!

Between us we'll chase Winter blues,
back where it now belongs.
Our days fill with poetic verse,
and perhaps burst into song!

For Spring is around the corner,
and the earth begins to wake..
So good to be among Goy friends,
and dear Ba, my barmy mate! \0/xxx I'm Back!!!!

3 Mar, 2015


Welcome back
my dear Flori
your presence here
is good to see

maybe now
we can laugh and sing
with you to lead us
and fun to bring....

we now need
the gang to find
I'm sure you know
who's in my mind

rally the troops
send out the call
when tbe gangs all here
we'll have a ball!

4 Mar, 2015


Janey is already here
But Bloomer may not be aware
We Florettes and Tyts (bewildered throng)
Will all be back where we belong:-)

4 Mar, 2015


I'll see what I can do
to chivvy up the crew!

4 Mar, 2015


There's so much work for you to do
I really do not envy you
But Pam I know that you're all heart
And really want to play your part.

There's quite a list of old Goy mates
You'd best start now, put on your skates
I would give you a helping hand
But I've been I'll ... You understand:-)

5 Mar, 2015


Bloomer should soon be here
she's been busy with family dear
when she's free
I'm sure that she
will come back where
she belongs you see......

5 Mar, 2015


I spoke to Waddy, and to Lincs
Over to you now methinks.......

5 Mar, 2015


But I've been ill
And now must rest
I know that you
will do your best:-)

There's Annie too
Remember when
We had to keep her
from the men?

My brain is numb
There are more names
We must recall
to share our games:-)

5 Mar, 2015


Oh annie .....
I wonder where she is
we need her too
to do the biz
may be if she knows you're sick
it would quickly do the trick
tomorrow is my day for art know I like to do my part....
if she knows your on her tail
I'm sure she'd be fail?

5 Mar, 2015


I heard the call whilst on a wander
came from that hill that's over yonder,
Come was the plea,
Whilst our Flori's free
We want her to stay so must do our best
Cos poor Ba!!
Is still on bed rest.

Tis good to be reading
amongst friends not yet weeding,
we'll soon send those blues away,
Been a long leave Flori dear,
now your back you can hear us cheer,
Oh Heck!!!Ba,
You sent Pam away ....

5 Mar, 2015


I'm here my dear
but wheres Ba?
she gives me jobs
then goes astray!

love the words
lincslass my dear
Poor Ba's lost
in the ether
I fear........

6 Mar, 2015


I'm here too,to rejoin theTYTs.
Is Ba having a hissy fit?
Her 'order' for us to return,
to welcome Bev back,she did yearn.
but now the gang is almost here,
there is no sign of her,I fear..
She must still be locked in that padded cell,
it's over to Flori,to see if all's well..
The White coated nurse,the door may unlock,
To now let her loose to return to the flock.x

6 Mar, 2015


Where is she I'd like to know!
sent me out in the cold snow
( well nearly.....its sunny)

Rounding up her errant Tyts...
Something about that lines not right?

I bully and cajole her pals
all at her behest
now where has she gone and hid?
such a little pest!

I think I need compensation
for all the conflagration....
chocolate would do......
Ba....its up to you!

6 Mar, 2015


Our Bloomer is a clever tyt
The nail upon the head she hit
Men in white coats took me away
To Goys old Home where I should stay
But what a shock when I got there
A warbling came which caused me fear
Was Rolfie back? No surely not
He's locked up in jail to rot
It was our Floribunda dear
Gargling away, her throat to clear
They took her too, but don't you worry
I followed the noise, we had to hurry
We tied her sheets and tights together
Then opened her window t'was awful weather
I scrambled down the makeshift rope
But hit the ground, I am a dope
I sadly landed on my head
Cos I forgot to tie it to the bed.
Our Flori learned from my mistake
And climbed down nimbly in my wake
And thus we made our great escape
But my poor head's in quite bad shape

6 Mar, 2015


Oh poor Ba
and flori too
tied in sheets
what a todo!

so glad that rolfie
nasty man
was locked away
in a prison van

but surely
landing on your head
would be as good
as a feather bed?


6 Mar, 2015


Are you saying I'm soft in the head
Or that I'm featherbrained instead
Now you've insulted me, your mate
You can whistle for your chocolate:-)

6 Mar, 2015


Oh no!
I didn't mean that.....
just that you should
get a hat!

Hat are my thing
at the mo
crocheting busily
on the go

the first I did
with a bit of rushing
look just like
a big soft cushion

the next a pancake
on my head
I think I'll just
go back to bed ?

7 Mar, 2015


You fib too easily my friend
But I'll believe you if you send
A pic to me ensconced in hat
Now tell me what you think of that?

But where is Flo? we try to please
But she keeps hid, she's such a tease
Yooooo hoooo Flo \0/ we're over here
and we're in need of Flori cheer:-)

7 Mar, 2015



7 Mar, 2015


I've sent a pic
just as you said
but the hat just won't be
on my head

7 Mar, 2015


Sorry!! cannot stay to play
You'll understand, its a beaut of a day,
I've raked and scraped n dug and tidied
Sowed and hoed and now tis righted.

Oh woe is me, I never learn,
Cos now I have a blister burn,
My gloves you see were not available
They were hidden away
On the planting table.....

7 Mar, 2015


Oh poor Lincs
what will we do
poorly fingers
boo hoo

its been lovely
out in the sun
birds are singing
what fun

I have made another hat
a summer one today
with flowers round the brim this time
if spring is on the way.....

I thought I'd forgotten to crochet
Its been a long while you see
but I picked up the yarn
and the crocheting hook
then it all came back suddenly!

7 Mar, 2015


I'm pleased you have a crocheted hat
And you know how I like to chat
But today while I was Working hard
My son called round, he is a card
He said he had no time to spare
Then talked and talked without a care
He seemed to talk for hours and hours
He didn't care about my flowers
And by the time he went away
The sun had gone, night turned to day
So I have no blistered hand like Linc's
My fingers are smooth they have no kinks
But Pam I thought what you could do
You could crochet Lincs a glove or two :-)

7 Mar, 2015


Thats a point
Ba dear
but the use
isn't clear

try to use them
to prune the plants
they could be
over run by ants

they are full of holes
you see
mostly created by accident
and me!

think of the thorns
and the prickly holly
wouldn't help our Lincs
stay jolly........

sound like you
had a happy day
no time to garden
when he'd
gone away

forecast is rain
I think the sun
has gone away ?

8 Mar, 2015


It's looking dull I'll give you that
How lucky that you have a hat.
Now for my little tale of woe
My lovely little pink radio
I'd left outside all through the night
That's why I woke early in such a fright

I always listen to radio four
For company when gardening or
Working in the house or cooking
Cos I can listen without looking
I rushed outside I feared the worst
Had there been a late cloudburst?

Ah no, the night had been quite mild
I no longer cursed Chris my talkative child
For my little pink cube was safe and dry
A lesson I've learned, it's the reason why
When my son says mum I really can't stay
In the future I'll pack everything away:-)

8 Mar, 2015


Oh dear so pleased
that all is fine
I often listen to 4
on line

4extra too
all old loved shows
that takes me back
to times ago.....

so happy that your
cubist pink
Still works and
keeps you from the drink

it rained today
so don't forget
to bring it in
before its wet

8 Mar, 2015


I would have got here sooner,
but somehow I had got lost..
Ba had so confused me,
that I wandered to my cost..

So busy chatting to herself,
twas knock on head you see..
She hitched up her tights and scarpered..
didn't notice poor old me!

Now my head for direction,
isn't always at its best..
I need a Sat Nav for the house,
as my OH would attest..

So weary though your old Flo is,
and feeling kind of grim..
Where is that Ba..I want a word..
has that knock knocked any sense in? tee hee hee \0/xxx

11 Mar, 2015


You are a dreadful ingrate
I rescued you that day
Without my help you'd never
Have gotten clean away

Now I think I should have left you
In Goys Bewildered home
Locked in your padded chamber
Sad and all alone:-P

11 Mar, 2015


Now now dear Ba, I'm grateful,
you were such a trooper dear..
but climbing out the window,
was a step too far I fear!
I haven't got a head for heights,
and when I saw yours bounce..
I'd sooner left by the front door,
but SuperBA had pounced..

It could have been avoided,
your painful accident debacle..
I almost chocked when I was grabbed,
amid my evening gargle!
But you know that I am grateful Ba..
of your actions I'm so proud..
But next time can we use the door,
as most normal folk allowed??? \0/xxxx

11 Mar, 2015


You've no sense of adventure
There were guards upon the door
It would have been the way it was
When we were there before

They said we were bewildered
They were right about you Flo
But as for me, well obviously
I'm a genius don't ya know

Yet still I risked both life and limb
To get you out of there
But never again for you my friend
Will I bother, I just won't care>:[

12 Mar, 2015


Sorry I've arrived so late,
I've been away you see.
On my return I logged on
To see if they'd missed me.

There was a PM from Pamg,
She told me BA's has been ill,
She's feeling much better now,
But needs to take easy still.

She also told me Flori's back,
Now isn't that good news?
They've both been up to some high jinxs
Two naughty girls amused.

Climbing down the knotted sheets,
The two made off in haste.
Poor Flori feeling rather queer,
Heights were not to her taste.

Now all their GoY friends know it's true,
These two are little devils.
But now I'm back, they'd best watch out
Their antics I will settle!!

13 Mar, 2015


Thats fighting talk
young Waddy
you may have been away
but sorting out
Ba ....and Flo
I'd leave for
another day.....

13 Mar, 2015


Captain Ba 2nd mate Pam reporting the return of
Waddy, absent without leave I'm afraid.....

And.... I don't want to tell tales but I spotted our Annie......
I'm hoping our errant crew will soon be here Ma'am .....?

13 Mar, 2015


Things left for another day,
may never get done you see.
I mean to sort these two out,
You've not heard the last of me!

I've not been absent without leave,
Bloomer knew that I was going
to seek some sun is why I went,
while nothing here was growing.

Now I'm reporting back on board
so let this ship set sail.
T'is time we had 'all hands on deck!'
for logic will prevail..

13 Mar, 2015


Hello Waddy, 'tis only me,
Ba leads me far astray..
She kept me gagged and hidden,
so Goy thought I'd gone away..
She promised me the high life,
as part of BA Enterprises..
but I was locked away you see,
caught out by her many disguises!

I know despite the bluster,
that she's a soft spot just for me..
It's 6ft down her garden
buried beneath her apple tree!
But good to know I have been missed,
dear Pamg kept me updated..
I'm back on board, me 'earties!
and not half as bad as Ba has stated! tee hee hee \0/xxx

14 Mar, 2015


Waddy you are welcome. \0/
That Flori's lies won't wash
I hope you have a plucking stick
To settle our Flori's hash.

SHE needs an overseer
While I am meek and mild
And brave and kind and all things good
But she's the wayward child.

Where are Johnjoe and Bloomer?
Those two will vouch for me
And I'll still be kind to Flori
When we all set out to sea.

I have my mustache ready
my parrot and eye patches,
The old peg leg, now all we need
Is to batten down the hatches:-)

Yo ho me hearties .... anchors awaaaay \0/ \0/ \0/

14 Mar, 2015


Which one of you is telling fibs?
For you can't both be true.
I'll have to set some hard fast rules.
You're going too far you two.

Flori, you are blaming BA,
You say you're lead astray.
But BA says that's just not true,
That your word holds no sway

She says you are 'a wayward child'
And to tow the line.
Before we can weigh anchor now,
A peace pact we must sign.

If things don't start to settle down,
I'll shake my plucking stick.
Then you'll both know, I am the boss.
Come on you two, be quick!

The hatches have been battened down.
The sails have been unfurled.
Splice the mainbrace. Show a leg.
My challenge to you is hurled!!

14 Mar, 2015


That's right dear Waddy, you tell her.
She gets a way with murder
The things she says behind folks backs
I wish I'd never heard her

But me I'm pure as driven snow
My Generosity's legend
I don't know how I came to have
A vixen for my Goy friend:-)

14 Mar, 2015


Now look you here, you're both has bad,
That is plain to see.
You need to make up and be friends
You'll get no chuck from me.

From Flori I've not heard,
One bad word that she's said.
And as for you my dear Ba,
Your goodness is well read.

So shake hands and be friends.
It's time to bury hatchets
Spring is here, a busy time
For GoY friends and their poets.


15 Mar, 2015


Waddy you're flogging a dead Flori horse
She's stubborn and won't admit she's wrong of course

Dear Flori come back because all is forgiven
Let's kiss and make up that's the Goyers tradition:-)

16 Mar, 2015


No harm was meant it's just some fun.
It doesn't matter who's right or wrong.
So come on Flori say we're forgiven
it was by challenge we were driven.

17 Mar, 2015


I think our Flori's
having to nurse
a husband with the flu
I don't need to have to tell you
how that causes a todo!

its fetch me this
and get me that
and oh I do feel ill

Yet when we have the lurgy
they tell us
take a pill!!

I'm sure she'll soon be with us
she threatening him you see
with tidying up the garden
the fresh airs good you see......?

by the way Ba
I think you said
that Johnjoes missing
'Swinging the lead'
I think I just saw him
on a new blog
be quick before he disappears
again in Irish bog!

17 Mar, 2015


Oh dear I'm telling you a porky
from 2013 no less
there had been a comment
just below you I guess
I think if you would like to
PM's the only way
I haven't seen him here on Goy
for many a long day. ....

17 Mar, 2015


Johnoe last seen was full of glee
With grandson Jack, you see
They took a train on a day so fair
On a trip to Dun Laoghaire.

Jan 17th blog Pam....

17 Mar, 2015


Oh well done Lincs
for tracking him down Ba
won't wear a frown

17 Mar, 2015



17 Mar, 2015


Hey ho dear Links
I hate to be chary
But, dunlaoghaire
it rhymes with fairy

And Johnjoe being a friend of mine (ahem)
Has pm'd me and he is fine
But busy with family, especially one boy
Who is handsome and winsome and well known to Goy.

I must get in touch before we set sail
I'll do it tomorrow, or soon without fail
For Johnjoe has sea legs, just what we need
For sailing, that is if we want to succeed:-)

17 Mar, 2015


Thick fog here today
The ship can't sail away
the crew are all aboard.....
just can't find the hoard
of chocolate and grog
(I can't see through the fog)
try hard as I might
its just the Isle of Wight.......

18 Mar, 2015


You and your chocolate
It's so bad for you
As your good friend I'll tell you
The best thing to do.

Wrap up the chocolate
Plain paper is fine
Stick a stamp on then send
To this address...yes mine:-)

18 Mar, 2015


Ba you are a naughty girl
Cos now my head its in a whirl
Pronunciation is such a chore
When coming from a different shore
T'would be too bold n I'm far too shy
To say such a thing, nor even imply.

Now to make you understand
Before I'm kicked out this merry band.
To me you see as I read and say it
Dunlaoghaire ...
It doth rhyme with fair, chair and bare......

18 Mar, 2015


Noo Noo Noo
don't you know
chocolates one
of your 5 aday


It gives you energy
And changes your mood
happiness in a packet
and yummy food

Its Mine.....All mine
no sharing
I know you think
its caring

But whats yours
is mine
and mines
my own

Thats what my rules
of chocolate are
if you want me
in your crew

Thats my rate of pay
you see
bar ?
by ?bar
by? bar

Tee Hee?

18 Mar, 2015


I think you think I go to far
You think I am a pedant
But Lincs the problem is you see
I'm really just a peasant:-)

19 Mar, 2015


Now no more talk of chocolate
(And Linc's agrees with me)
That I should keep the chocolate
While we are all at sea:-)

19 Mar, 2015


Our dear friend John has written
That though he loves to sail
We've scared him off with poetry
We must do without our male:-(

19 Mar, 2015

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