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Renishaw Hall Gardens


Just over a week ago I went on a U3A coach trip with my three friends from French class to Renishaw House & Gardens. My two boys (ha boys!) very kindly looked after my OH for me.
It’s a classical Italianate garden (said so in literature) and was the aristocratic Sitwell’s family home. Before going I thought I would look at some of Edith Sitwell’s poems ….wish I hadn’t, I reckon if she was Edith Smith and worked in a factory she would not have been taken seriously:-)
This place is well worth a visit and although it was a dull, overcast day, the rain held off apart from a very light spray. We didn’t do the house tour as friend Catherine wasn’t keen:-(
Here are some pics.

Now … you know what it’s like … you see a view ….. you want to take an artistic photo and some silly woman is in your way.

You politely ask if she would mind stepping back out of shot and this is how she reacts! Flippin’ Janet:-)

Lovely cornus

These lovely, dainty little things were growing on the wall of the steps. Anyone know what they are?

Friend Catherine and possibly Diana?

Laburnum arch

Hows that for a hydrangea? Must have been there forever

It took ages to do this as for some reason I kept duplicating pics:-) We all had a great time, we always do on our outings:-)
This is the merry band, Catherine, Lorraine and Janet.

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It's lovely there!

26 Jun, 2015


What a beautiful place - had no idea it was as big as that.
The little plant on the wall is ivy leaved toadflax - is the photo over exposed, because they are normally blue?

26 Jun, 2015


What a stunning place! I'm only sorry it's not nearer to us. The plant in the wall I also think is toad flax.

27 Jun, 2015


Thanks Dan it was lovely :-)

28 Jun, 2015


Bang on Stera :-) I googled thinking I might use it somewhere, especially as it had such a long flowering season, then saw that it was an invasive weed! Ah well ..... Perhaps not:-)

28 Jun, 2015


What a lovely place love the photos B/A . If those band of ladies would let me tag along I would bring my picnic basket along and we could have a whale of a time. Next time you are going B/A let me know.

28 Jun, 2015


We would love you go come John and we all love eating ........ Shall you bring the wine or shall I ?

28 Jun, 2015


At up Waddy, just noticed that my reply to you has vanished ... How? Anyway, you are another clever clogs:-) hope you are well?:-)

28 Jun, 2015


Off course B/A I would supply the wine with my picnic basket. How would you and your friends fancy a couple of bottles Pinol Noirs served with some nice chees such as Comte, a hard chees and some Rocomador a soft rounded goat chees and we cannot forget to have Fourme d'Ambert served as a log shape with a mild sweetness. All served with croissant. I like would like to finish with some irish black pudding. I think that is all I could fit in the pickic basket.

28 Jun, 2015


Flippin' eck John.... I'm drooling:-) I don't suppose you are any good at baking a nice tarte Provencale with the goats cheese? I love any sort of goats cheese tart and it's a standing joke now 'cos they know what I'll be ordering. We decided to take a packed lunch on this occasion, but I was devastated when I saw their cafe was doing goats cheese and walnut tart ....sounded wonderful:-) By the way I took a nice bottle of shiraz to share with our lunch, unfortunately I also brought plastic wine glasses which are very lightweight and I knocked over a couple ... we didn't drink much ... spilt more lol .... never again:-)

28 Jun, 2015


Lovely photos. Looks like you had a fun day out - thanks for sharing :)

2 Jul, 2015


Thanks Gee, looking forward to our next outing now:-)

4 Jul, 2015


Going back to the toadflax, I wouldn't worry unduly about invasiveness. I'vew never seen it be anything but wellbehaved and it totally refuled to grow at all for me when I tried to establish it in an old crumbling brick wall.

4 Jul, 2015


When I looked Stera it said it likes shady positions, was your wall shady? I would love some if it was well behaved:-)

5 Jul, 2015

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