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Can't stop taking photos


I’m out with my camera every day now. Yesterday I spent all day power washing and tidying the patio next to my house. I moved plants in pots which weigh a ton. The reason? I gave away my patio set to my daughter as they will make better use of it. It had a large dining table and four lovely pink chairs, but it was really too big and there’s only me and five of them. Today I awaited the arrival of a little patio set from Dunelm. The table was a bit bit fiddly to assemble, but worth the effort. It cost just under £40 and I love it! The colour cheers me up.
The first 3 pics are after I finished cleaning, moving plants and tidying the patio.

You can see my lovely ivy has been removed by my neighbour to replace the fence panel. There is still a lot of dead ivy on the next panel, but I have nowhere to put it yet , I have six big bin bags full of stuff for the brown bin.

This is the view through my patio window.

Everywhere is so beautiful it certainly lifts the spirit. The lock down would, I think, have been far worse autumn/ winter. Always something to be grateful for lol:-)

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What a lovely garden! I really like the colour of your new patio set: very cheering.
You're right that we're fortunate in that if we have to be in lockdown the weather has been kind to us. We were saying this morning that we have got much more 'on top' of the garden this year than we have ever before.

19 May, 2020


Well isn't that lovely! You have every reason to be proud of what you've achieved. Any time you feel glum all you'll have to do is to look out of the window!

19 May, 2020


I love your last picture especially, the blue sky gives a perfect backdrop. Love the patio set too!

19 May, 2020


All looking great Ba, and your new patio set is a real eye-catcher . . . well done you!

19 May, 2020


I know what is missing, you in your seat with a drink of your choice. I agree about the timing of the lockdown. you have a beautiful garden.

19 May, 2020


I can tell how very hard you have been working - moving pots alone is heavy work in itself.

Your garden is full of charm and character and your new patio furniture is ideal.

Just enjoy it now for a little while!

19 May, 2020


Thanks everyone, This is a wonderful time of year isn't it, I've had a pair of goldfinch visiting me and many lovely garden birds. Sadly the wood pigeons like my garden too and I like them, but not their droppings!!! Also, annoyingly, my dogs like the droppings and have been caught attempting the cheek rub and roll. Those of you with dogs will know what I mean:-)) Every morning after cleaning the bird bath (why do birds, after drinking and bathing have to foul the bath?) I try to clean the gigantic pigeon droppings from the paving, not an easy job. It's bad enough having three little dogs. I sing the 'poo collectors song' as I patrol the garden armed with two shovels. Yes, lock down has finally cracked me lol and I have written a song about my demeaning job. here it is, can't write music so you can invent your own tune.

I am the poo collector
this is what I do,
I walk around the garden,
and shovel up the poo:

When it's all collected
this is what I do
I take it to the wet room
and flush it down the loo.

It's not the very best job
I have ever done
but someone's got to do it
and I'm the chosen one.

I've got three little dogs
and they are very sweet,
but it is a puzzle how
they poo more than they eat.

repeat first verse.
I have visions of all you dog owners singing away as you perform your duties:-)

20 May, 2020


Your garden is a joy Bornagain. So much colour! The patio is a delightful place to sit and enjoy a cuppa and perhaps a slice of cake?
I had to laugh at your little poem, although I have to confess it's one of the reasons we don't have a dog. :-))

20 May, 2020


Brilliant poem Ba 🙂.

20 May, 2020


Waddy you don't know what you're missing ....or perhaps you do lol:-)

20 May, 2020


Thanks Sheila, though I don't think it's my finest hour lol:-)

20 May, 2020


Lovely poem and verse four is absolutely spot on, I have an 80kg newfoundland and as you can imagine that is some poo making machine, but I am always left with the same question, where does it all come from, don't know if yours do the same, but Lily will watch me pick it all up then five mins later go and deposit another big dollop.

20 May, 2020


Lovely blog BA love the song and your garden is better than ever, especially that acer.

20 May, 2020


Davey I won't moan about my three anymore lol:-)

21 May, 2020


Phyll it is amazing isn't it. I was with you at the NEC when I found out its name and I'm sure I mentioned it in a blog at the time. I have looked through my blogs, not all yet, but can't find it. If you love the small, cut leaf acers that keep their colour all through the year, Taylor is a good'un:-)

21 May, 2020


As I remember was it something like "Orange Dream".

22 May, 2020


No, it was a long foreign name lol. I do have an orange dream which is ok, but the colourful leaves only last a short while before reverting to green. I must go through my blogs with a fine tooth comb:-)

22 May, 2020


Phyll I've found it!!! it's called Acer Palmatum Beni-Schichihenge ...... phew:-))

22 May, 2020


Just found this B.A. I loved your poem and it did make me smile ! Was there a few choice words as well! Hahaa!
Your patio is lovely with all the pots and you did well to move them all on your own. I have a ladies sack barrow for moving pots and its a godsend !
The rest of your garden looks amazing !

23 May, 2020


Thanks Rose, what is a ladies sack barrow? sounds useful, trying to move sacks of compost is a killer too:-)

23 May, 2020


Its a long handled barrow with a short bottom carrying shelf. I got mine from B & Q but a lot of diy's sell them and also garden centres if you can go out! Also if you put sack barrow online, there will be all different sizes pop up. I wouldn't be without mine as my husband is disabled and I, like you have the heavy work to do too.

23 May, 2020


Thanks Rose, I'll certainly have a look:-)

24 May, 2020

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