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Hi, I live in the West Midlands. My garden is very small and was once filled mainly with perennials and ornamental shrubs. I have loved gardening and looking at plants most of my adult life. A few years ago, for some reason, I lost interest and even stopped reading, listening or watching programs about gardens. This spring however, I'm feeling a return of what was once a passion, hence "bornagain" and have bought a new pruning saw and attacked many of my helpless overgrown shrubs, serve them right, but I'm at a loss to know where to start next. I've been taken over by the dreaded celandine! I have a husband and two jack russells who thankfully aren't into digging. I was referring to the dogs in the latter part of that sentence, but it does also apply to my husband. One of my favourite flowers is the yellow welsh poppy, meconopsis cambrica. It arrived in my garden as a free gift from nature and I haven't the heart to uproot any. They flower for ages, each individual bloom is perfection, they are held aloft from fern like leaves on strong yet delicate looking stems and I find their beauty breath taking.

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