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wot 2 plant


work in church yard most day’s.cuting weeding ect be doing it for over 1yr.. like takeing pic’s of wildlife..just started working on my owne garden..putting diffrent flower’s in and makeing a raised bed for ??? i do not know yet.. but it look’s good so far lol with nawt in it
raised bed

some sort of bush ; tree ect trying to bring it back 2 life..wot ever it is

nest box 4 mice

it’s littel hole so it can go in 2 the hedge

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Thats a lovely hole for the mouse/mice and very thoughtful. The raised bed is beautifully made, so good I thought at first it was a coffin for a very tall person! Only because you'd been talking about the cemetery!
Good luck with your garden, and welcome to GoY.

30 Jul, 2010


i have 4 nest with mice in.some one's cat keep's getting them.that's why i built 2 see if it get's in that box

30 Jul, 2010


Welcome to GoY. It will be interesting to see if the mice nest-box works well...
interesting idea ...
You've built the raised bed nicely.

The tree would probably grow better in a bigger container or in the ground... so that it can spread its roots more ...needs lots of water to get it perky :o)

30 Jul, 2010


thx 4 that. iv just put it in a diffrent pot.let's hope it get's bigger.cos it it do's it's going in front yard and puting bird feeder on it

30 Jul, 2010


Yes, fingers crossed the tree grows well...
The birds will be pleased :o)

30 Jul, 2010


hi Brad, welcome from me too..good luck with the tree..:o)

30 Jul, 2010


thx joanella

30 Jul, 2010


Welcome to GOY from me to. So glad your doing all you can for wildlife. I love the colour of your raised bed. Think I will have to paint mine now! Ive seen mice in my garden, cheeky little things. I am sure your tree wil lgrow and be healthy and a welcoming home to the birds. Dont laugh I have bird feeders in my fruit trees. Think Im a bit mad!

3 Aug, 2010

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