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Watch your lawn!


Every year I’d get a load of dandelions and pull them up or mow them into submission. OK there.

The very bottom is dry & under trees. Not much or no grass . I can cope with that.

This year the lawn is riddled with an invasive plant with orange red flowers that sends runners. I’m busy getting all of it out.

There is a big belt of clover. Moss and now 1 inch high buttercup. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2015 is a wet one for sure.

I have a hand weeder & find total removal a must but as the lawn is 30ft by 60ft or so. See you all in????

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Cheers - keep you out of mischief for a bit!
I did ours carefully with weedkiller a month ago and you wouldn't know. 2015: the Year of the Weed...

4 Sep, 2015


It is unprecedented . I will plant more bulbs in the grass later & just let areas go. Oddly enough some grass is rampant & some is so slow.

I could use weed killer on the drive as the dog just walks straight past there. We have unprecedented Japanese Anemones on the drive by the wall & they look stunning. Our daughter just manages to park up there!!

4 Sep, 2015


Do you not want to use a weed and feed because of the dog Bramhallbill?

4 Sep, 2015


It would make life a lot easier.

4 Sep, 2015


We have wildlife of sorts. So I do n't use. Get the odd frog & lots of birds. Found eaten toadstools an hour ago.....

4 Sep, 2015


I'm afraid weeds in lawns is a bigger problem than ever in many areas as the local councils leave their grass verges/green spaces to grow wild and the areas they do cut,many only do twice a year!

4 Sep, 2015


Councils are realising the benefits to wildlife of not shaving grass verges.

4 Sep, 2015


And saving mo eh of course!

4 Sep, 2015


OK my knee packed up but I'm done till the next rain & sun cycle. Managed to find underground fungi. Did I bin truffles? No idea. Not chancing it!!

11 Sep, 2015

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