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Ive found a passion with Gardening this year that I've never had before, And can often be found rumaging for plants at Garden Centres most weekends.

Im a complete novice when it comes to what goes where, and most the time I buy plants purely because I like the look of them rather than think about where they'll go.

I dont like uniform Gardens with straight borders and the same old usual geraniums, but instead opt for a more natural slightly overgrown look, with secret areas to look at growing different things that most people wouldnt thiink of.

Im especially fond of anything that looks tropical, and has an element of suprise.

Weather I'll acheive this is another story, and as a complete beginner with ideas in his head and no practise I'll be sure to be asking lots of questions, and putting photos of my latest triumpths, and no doubt a few disasters too

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  • Carmencita (Carmencita Ricinus)

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