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April 2010


Green house with plastic cover blew down and messed up all my seeds I had just put out there last month. So brought everything inside again. I am now planning on using the two halves of the green house as stagings without any cover. That means I will have 12 shelves altogether.

So far I have growing in various stages, 8 herbs, 6 types of squash, courgette, zuchini, loads of lettuce, sweetcorn, strawberries, patipans and white, black and red currants and a blueberry.

Fruit is outside with potatoes and carrots. The rest is in my lounge in front of the window, it is like a green house in there and the ones still germinating are in the kitchen.

I have dug a bed round two sides of the grass so far and two sides to go. I made a square patch for the carrots and other veg.

Still havent got anything up on the open side of the garden yet. Everything is covered in pony droppings too and have some in buckets full of rainwater for watering with later.

No pics yet as not much in the garden and fruit trees just sticks. Put sweet peas and poppys in the garden for colour and peas and other seeds just arrived.

I have 30 to 60 of each type and expecting at least half not to grow but may still end up with an excess! I hope! Having salad sandwiches for lunch with my lettuce everyday. So at least something is working well.

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I know just how you feel ... the same happened to mine last year ... makes you want to cry tears of frustration !
I have 2 of the small plastic 'greenhouses' and both of the zips have broken , rendering them useless.

5 Apr, 2010


i have my plastic growhouse tied to fence and weighted down on botton shelp with bricks, dont want it going anywhere, sorry about your seeds,

5 Apr, 2010


i would definitely have cried if that had happened to me. mine is tied to the fence, just incase!

megan- you can buy replacement covers from garden centres.

good luck with you survivors.

5 Apr, 2010


I'll have a look for them, thanks. : o )

5 Apr, 2010


i've weighted my greenhouse down too.

Megan i have seen new covers in Wilkinsons for as little as £4

I'd be very upset if the wind blew it over now as its full and close to over flowing.

5 Apr, 2010


I was going to buy one of those green houses; from what your all saying I don't think I'll bother!! So sorry about your seeds Megan.What are Patipans??

5 Apr, 2010


pauline mine has been fine like i said, its tied to fence and bricks at bottom, it depends where its going i guess

5 Apr, 2010


Hi, Patipans are small round flat squash with serated like edge. I am sure you have seen them in the supermarkets, green or yellow. Boil or fry like courgette.

6 Apr, 2010

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