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Nature is cruel


We have been thrilled over the past few weeks with the arrival of a blackbird nest in the clematis by the garden shed, above the cast iron downpipe. The parents have taken over the front garden and let us know in no uncertain terms that they see us and we have been avoiding too much contact and staying out of their way. We could only see the beaks of two little ones and didn’t know how many there were and we looked forward to them fledging soon. There is a security light next to the nest which lit up every time someone went past but didn’t seem to worry them.

Tragically this morning on his way out to work, my husband found five little bodies on the lawn below the nest. They looked almost ready to fledge and the nest hadn’t been disturbed so we don’t know what happened to them. It was colder than usual last night so perhaps they flew out early this morning and succumbed to the cold. Nature is so cruel sometimes.

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Oh what a shame camomile I wonder what could have happened to them? have you seen the parents today

31 May, 2012


that is just so sad, like Pam says, I wonder what caused it,

31 May, 2012


Oh how sad,we have blackbirds nesting in our large conifer tree,the tree actually needs a little trim but will have to leave it till our little family have finished using it!!!

31 May, 2012


They didn't look harmed in any way but spread over the lawn near to the nest. It was cold last night and this morning so maybe it was too cold for them after all that heat. Haven't seen the parents at all today.

31 May, 2012


could it have been a magpie by any chance, we saw one take a baby from its nest and just killed it then flew off,

31 May, 2012


A magpie would of ate them i think, i know be experience of having fledglings in my garden, its so sad but its nature, i wonder if something has happened to the parents and the young birds left the nest searching for food, maybe a little to early and died from there fall, so sad..

31 May, 2012


Yes, it is cruel! When we lived in Essex we were thrilled when a blackbird made her nest in our Constance Spry rose which was climbing the side of the garage. Partner was able to look into it one day when he was fixing up the security light and reported four eggs. Several days later - no blackbird and no eggs! Just a sad empty nest! Either Magpies or Squirrels had burgled it. I'd rather have blackbirds!! :o(

31 May, 2012


We live in a rather strange place - an island between two roads, highish up and we never get squirrels or magpies here - in fact I have never seen either. Such a shame but there you go.

31 May, 2012


That happened to my robins nest in my hat...the eggs all hatched and then one day I went out and there were five baby robins on the porch floor. It couldn't have been a raid because the hat was still hanging on the peg...

Pimpernel said that the parents might have done it deliberately...

31 May, 2012


That is sad....mother nature eh!!

31 May, 2012


We had blackbirds year after year making nests rather badly in our climbing hydrangea . Nests always fell. Robins had a secret nest at the bottom of my garden in a fence that was about to fall down. One evening I saw some leaves & actually grabbed Mrs Robin! I was devastated as they did not come back. I hear them so who knows? Next year perhaps, They would be by my side as I dug...they got used to our dog!

22 Jul, 2014

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