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Much to our surprise, our youngest daughter has “found” gardening. She has recently moved into a beautiful pint sized barn conversion with it’s own small garden. Her enthusiasm shows no bounds as she trawls the garden centres – usually with me in tow – spending a fortune on all manner of pots, planters and plants to fill them. I then get daily phone updates and queries on their progress. Half the time I haven’t a clue as to which plant she is referring and end up getting in the car and driving over to East Sussex to give any help and advice I can. The flower beds were like concrete at first, sadly neglected and full of bindweed and convolvulous (oh can’t we leave it Ma, its has such a pretty flower) and recognisable weeds which I am banned from pulling out in case I am wrong!! On the other hand she can have all the plants which I have dug out to make more room in my beds. I went over last Sunday on another plant mission and ended up with both legs covered with insect bites which lasted a week. Another call this evening, hope I helped. It’s nice to see the younger generation enthuse over gardening.

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That's wonderful news that your daughter has caught the bug.

28 Jul, 2014


Great stuff - and she will learn about the convolvulus!

28 Jul, 2014


Camm. I get phone calls too, ''mum, why are the plants in my pot all droopy??''......''They need water dear!!''.
They are funny aren't they? But also they need encouraging.

29 Jul, 2014


Ha ha, but on the other hand she has potted up lavender, bougenvillia and an olive tree and can't understand why they don't need so much water.

30 Jul, 2014


Well a good gardening book should solve her Christmas present this year...

30 Jul, 2014


Well Camm. there is such a lot to learn isn't there?

1 Aug, 2014


An awful lot. I'm useless compared with some of you - I don't know all the Latin names and can't identify some plants but I love gardening - its therapeutic and peaceful.

2 Aug, 2014


You don't have to know Latin names to be a good gardener - good job too or there would be a lot fewer!
You can't love gardening and be useless, don't put yourself down!

3 Aug, 2014


I agree Stera...............gardening to my mind comes from the 'doing' and not the reading of a text book and taking exams.
Ps. I don't know any Latin names either, I prefer the good old names that people over the years have given, ie. Soldiers & Sailors.

4 Aug, 2014


Yes the common names are often very descriptive. I have an old little book that explains what the
Latin names mean - its very interesting. eg rhododendron means Red Tree, and Fuchsia is called after Herr Fuchs who discovered it. Its useful to know the name if you want to be sure the person you're talking to knows exactly the plant you mean but I agree, the English ones are nicer when they have them - Antirrhinums on Goy and snapdragons at home! I have met people who know lots of Latin names but can't recognise the plant when they see it!

4 Aug, 2014


She caught the bug n the bugs bite you....oh .....classy plants will be great in the long chief mower is in China....wonder what she can sneak in her suitcase

19 Oct, 2014

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