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The lawn in my front garden is beautifully green all year, never needs cutting and is nice and soft to walk or sit on. Beloved of the Victorians I think.

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A lawn that never needs cutting - I've never heard of one like that. (unless it's artificial ) Well it's less work, and more time for you to enjoy .

8 Jul, 2010


Is it Camomile casso?

8 Jul, 2010


It is a moss lawn. We tried for years to stop the moss growing but then we gave in and prefer it. Trouble is the wretched grass keep poking through here and there and so I pull it out. In an Alan Titchmarsh article a year or more ago he said you can buy moss seeds of different kinds. I'd like to have it in the back garden too but haven't been succedssful so far.

9 Jul, 2010


Surely not Pearlwort? its so invasive.
I have heard that Carex pansa (Meadow sedge) can be used as an alternative to grass but I have never seen it and it needs a lot of water compared to grass.

9 Jul, 2010


I don't know what Pearlwort is. Our front is rather damp but the back is dry so that's probably why the moss won't grow there.

9 Jul, 2010


So it is grass? Why doesnt it need mowing?

9 Jul, 2010


No it is not grass, it is moss. I pull all the bits of grass out when they appear.

10 Jul, 2010

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