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I am on long term sick due to a accident, to day i should of had a operation on my right shoulder but it was canceled yesterday. I enjoy gardening i made a greenhouse, last year which took me six months, i just got it finished, for last winter.I grow veg in Containers,i am growing Tomatoes & Peppers & Chilli in the greenhouse, and in containers out side, The plants in the GH are doing really well, and the plants in Containers not so well.
I also have Bananas and Ginger Lilly's, i also have a Tree Fern. I also Grow Clematis i have sixteen in total. I grow Jasmine which i have three left after last Winter.There are three areas to my garden,one consisting of Decking second Paved with container with Climbing Roses,i have two tubes with Morning Glory and Mixed Dahlias.The third with a 9ft long wooden pergola which as C.Comtesse De Bouchaud, C.Montana `Majome'. On the right side i have grape vine, then Cob ea, then Fuchsia Lady Boothby, then Morning Glory flying saucer.then Spanish Flag, then Cob ea Then M.G.Hevanly Blue, Fuchsia L.By. Then Jasmine besmineathen greenhouse and shed then 6ft x6ft squ. with my tree fren in and some other ferns.

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  • A garden flower photo
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  • whats eatting my chilli plants

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