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rainy sunday morning


By cazcat


well its rained most of the week, but we were promised that on sunday the temp would rise, its been really cold. well its still cold and guess what, its raining really hard sky is black, oh hang on its getting heavier. ran out to outhouse in my nightie with my coat on top, to get my coal effect fire and put that in back sitting room try to cheer things up. will not get anything done today so will stay on goy, thought i might try and reasearch how to entice bats into the garden i just love them, got the idea from another blog. have put a few random photos on blog as i cant get out to take more. am getting a tad fed up got tonsilitis, also still got headaches from when top of market stall fell on me few weeks ago due to wind. can you believe it…dont want to go to the market anymore now. will be ok its just trapped nerves due to swelling, got a scar though on forehead not too pleased about that, folks keep asking what have i been up to…..

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Oh poor you Cazcat! do take care of yourself and nurse yourself well. I hope you are successful with the bats, but not too successful, as they make an awful mess in loft spaces and once you get em, you can't do anything to stop them since they are protected. A friend of mine had a terrible time with them in her loft making a mess and a noise and it made it hard for her to sell the be careful!

26 Jun, 2011


Aye its dark and rainy here too! SO much for the heatwave!
I'm having a break from clearing out the studio! OMG I didnt realise I had so much rubbish! had to sit down and have a coffee and ciggie.
Poor you market stall falling on your head? Scars on your forehead..oh dear..they will think yer man has been hitting you lol. Aw hope you feel better soon!
Got this vision of you..crazy woman running out to shed in your nightie lol, sounds like me when I go out to feed the birds and fish in my jammies hahha..hope nobody can see!
Wouldnt it be nice to have a real fire now!
I had one here when we moved in, then we got gas central heating(for which I'm eternally grateful) but I miss the old coal fire, making toast etc getting tartan legs lol.
Maybe I'll make a bonfire and burn all my rubbish in next door's jungle lol..oh wait its raining..oh well seemed like a good idea at the time, and would have burnt out all his weeds! Lazy git!

26 Jun, 2011


lol Pixie! :)) I'm always out there in my Jim Jams taking photos and wandering about aimlessly. Sometimes I even sing to myself....they must all think I am certifiable! :))

26 Jun, 2011


Hahaha ditto! i talk to myslef..well I tell people I'm talking to the cat..but she's susally nowhere to be seen..oh I could be talking to the flowers! haha
Off to my clearing out again :( Dont think I'll have enough room in the wheelie bin!

26 Jun, 2011


:) another trip to the dump then! It will be worth it...I hope! Always good to have a clear-out.

26 Jun, 2011


oh glad its not just me, always having converations with myself dont even bother to pretend am talking to dog anymore which is wot i use to do. its ok pixi no man been around since alexander 5 months old, hes 14 now!! we were kinda let down but no worries, use to work for investment group had my own house so that woz ok. about the scar one chap said is it a glasgow kiss..... what is that....... a headbutt... oh my goodness. would be better of to let em think too many g & t s and fell in the bloomin pond eh. thanks karensusan that is a good point about the bats didnt think of that...

26 Jun, 2011


You're welcome Cazcat! you take care now!

26 Jun, 2011


Pretty garden .. I hope you feel better soon !

26 Jun, 2011


Oh dear, Cazcat, you have been in the wars! :( I hope you are soon rid of the headaches and the after-effects of the market stall incident..nasty accident!

You know if you talk to yourself the best bit is you always get the right Pleased I'm not the only one who wanders the garden in pj's and has a natter to myself!

Sorry you've had lots of rain looked like rain this morning here in Merseyside but this afternoon it turned very hot and sunny so been out in the garden painting my new birdhouse. Felt ill and was sick (I guess from the sun so had to come in before quite finishing it) hopefully I can finish it off tomorrow :)

Take care, Cazcat...especially around the pond and the market stalls!

26 Jun, 2011


To entice bats you might want to put fruit would like my parent's garden in El Salvador, we have bats flutering in the evening (I don't like them!, lol)but since the climate is subtropical they come to eat the grapes my mom planted...once we left the house dark and the windows and patio door open and when we came in, bats were hanging from the ceiling! augh! as soon as we turned the lights on they left though...we still laugh about it!

26 Jun, 2011


I'm always outside in my pjs of my neighbours is kinda funny and she always looks her nose down and doesn't go out the door unless she had used the hair straightners and make up on. I do it even more to annoy her :)))))
Weather down here in Edinburgh today has been absolutely yukkkk. I don't mind doing a wee bit weeding and tidying when it is raining, I find the weeds come up better.
Be careful with the bats. My advice would be as per Karensusan.
Hope you are feeling better soon, tonsillitis isn't nice. Had mine removed when I was 15, long time ago!!
You should make up a really good story re your scar, I'm sure with a little imagination you could come up with something really exciting :)))
Take care and look forward to more of your blogs.
Angie x

27 Jun, 2011


Sorry to hear about your accident and tonsilitis. You must be in pain :o( I hope it doesn't last too long.
Your garden looks lovely.

27 Jun, 2011

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