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well woke up yesterday and was stunned to see a big orange thing hovering in the sky …shocked I ran in doors and grabbed my partner out to see …he said it was called …the Sun ?? not sure what it was but it certainly was not the usual sky filled with clouds…did anyone else happen to spot this strange phenonima yesterday ..?

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I saw it too..Charlie..! but it disappeared after lunch..hang on a minute..its here again !..whoo hoo ! :o)

23 Jul, 2011


We had most of day yesterday, but the heat wasn't on full and it became a little chilly when a cloud past over it.

At 5.30 this morning it hung there like a big golden globe, with an autumnal nip in the air, it promised to be a warm sunny day. How easily fooled we are. It's now very cool and cloudy with occasional viewings of the sun.

23 Jul, 2011


Yes, I saw it too but guess what? I spent the afternoon in the cinema! Managed to get out in the garden this morning though and am now looking at pink clouds so am ever hopeful for another sunny day tomorrow.

23 Jul, 2011


Hah, hah. Around here, we've been wandering around, looking up, with our mouths open, and saying, "Wow!! Water from the sky?!! And what are those gray things??"
Our "monsoon" this year would make a native of Delhi fall over laughing!

24 Jul, 2011


So that's what it was ? lol :D

24 Jul, 2011


well we were off o the Isle of Wight but it has clouded over again ...what's a girl to do ????

24 Jul, 2011


Alas, mostly cloud again.

24 Jul, 2011


You don't appreciate clouds sufficiently until you have lived in a place where the wind off the parking lot makes your eyebrows curl. On the other hand, there's no doubt that we dont appreciate the sun enough here! : )

24 Jul, 2011


No, don't get me wrong, I love clouds. I can spend ages just watching them but sometimes I like to feel the sun on my face, especially in July! I guess we are never content and never appreciate what we have. I try to though.

25 Jul, 2011


Hows that song go
I've looked at clouds from both sides now
But still somehow
it's clouds illusions I recall
I really don't know why at all.

It's another cloudy start to the day in W.Yorks so
Things can only get better.
Perhaps not.

26 Jul, 2011

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