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My wife, Lucie and I live in Aquitaine, just south of Saint Emilion. The climate has many extremes....intense summer heat ((+37degC) Wintters are down to -10degC but not for long. Average rainfall with some strong storms and average wind force. Our soil is friable clay which is fine for the vines; but we're in the processo f installing 10 raised beds 30cms high on a geotex base topped with heavy gravel then topped with a richer loamy soil blended with 4-year-old cow manure. When we acquired a 2000sq. m plot beside our garden we had the land levelled and, at the same time, installed Sub-suface water and electricity with 5 access points. This was with a view to building a 'dacha' summer house sometime in the future. We are semi-retired; but enjoy doing B&B and cooking using home-grown and locally sourced produce.

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