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The Christmas holiday was fun to start off with and quite frankly, I was looking forward to a break! By now though I usually get quite bored so I’ve been working on my allotment plan for 2013 and sowed some seeds today.

The seeds I sowed were red onions, a variety called Red Baron, which can be sown this time of year under glass. Well I sowed these in my polytunnel, in the garden, in the company of my children’s pet rabbit, Thumperlina. She had fun digging in an empty raised bed and throwing herself into the soft, crumbly soil (which in all honesty took me three years to get to that condition). Great enrichment for her and a creature that I could chat to while sowing away!

In total I’ve sown 40 seeds but I already have young onions grown from seed in the poly in August. These are two other varieties (white): Hi-Ball and a Japanese variety (name escapes me). I did also have some overwintering broad beans (the Sutton) however, I foolishly didn’t cover these and the mice living in my poly decided that the seeds were a nice, yummy, high energy treat! I managed to save two that started growing but it’s hardly worth it.

I’ve still got leeks and brussels on the allotment to pick and have thoroughly enjoyed eating everything that was a success in growing this year. I aim to do more in the new year but as you all well know, gardening isn’t easy!

I did manage to plant some bare root fruit this year- raspberries: Glen Cova. I had Malling Admiral last year that either died or did nothing. The All Gold (yellow in colour) and Autumn Bliss did well so they are there to stay on the allotment. Also new to add are goji berries. Fingers crossed for those. I’ll plant those next to my blueberries and cranberries. If anyone has any advice on goji berries I’d be very grateful!

I’ve lots more prep to do. Due to injury I struggled a bit last year, which was really frustrating on top of the never ending rain that meant my poly and greenhouse were heaving with plants that should have been outside! Well, this is the first time I’ve ever really written a blog. I’ve read some of the others here and I think they’re great. I’m wishing you all a very happy and high yielding 2013!

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Welcome to Goy you do sound very busy but also sounds you enjoy what you are doing -:)

30 Dec, 2012


welcome from me too chickweed. I have only ever written blogs on here and I really enjoyed reading yours. You have a nice friendly style.

Injuries are a curse and when the weather means you cant even recouperate in the garden what can you do? I plan my fantasy garden where all the plants i love but cant grow would feature. Either that or doing the ironing :o)

30 Dec, 2012


Thanks for the welcomes! I must admit that I love keeping busy, Kidsgran!
Seaburn Girl, my vote goes to the garden rather than the ironing too (however, I always end up doing the entire family's ironing).

I'm looking forward to using this website more as everyone seems so friendly!

30 Dec, 2012


Nice blog......
Let's hope we all get better growing conditions in 2013! 2012 was a washout for many crops, all over the country.

30 Dec, 2012


Good luck with your sewings. I hope they do well for you :o)

30 Dec, 2012


Welcome from me, too - although I don't grow veggies...People often ask me why; it's just that I love flowers!

31 Dec, 2012


Welcome to Goy, a well written and very interesting blog, I like the sound of company in the garden although mine is cats, dogs,, birds, fish and frogs, not always well behaved I must add.
Happy New Year Chickweed, I wish you well with your gardening and look forward to hearing how things are progressing, I`ve added a natural healthy suntan to my wishlist for 2013, lol....

31 Dec, 2012

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