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Finding a Space !!?


Have just been wandering around my garden to find space to put my Gooseberry bush. It has been in a large pot for a couple of years but is looking a bit sick at the moment and not growing, it seems to have come to a halt. Decided this morning that I have got to give it a chance by putting it in the garden ….but where ?….In the end I decided to take up a couple of patio slabs and dig it all up. So out came the spade and the blood fish & bone etc. and in it went with a lovely long drink ( the bush not me) mine comes later. So while out there I dug up a few more plants that were not performing well and decided to plant my new Helliborus in the garden too. So now I think I will have that drink, non alcoholic of course at this time of day, and I think I feel a twinge or two in my back …….getting too old for this lark. But I can’t leave it alone. Actually everything is beginning to get rather dry here too.

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Isn't it amazing how one "small" gardening task can turn into two, or three, or four... That's been happening to me this week. Good luck with your Gooseberry bush :o)

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks Tt. Thats what happens when everything needs seeing to at the same time isnt it. Mind you its lovely really, and we have been waiting so long it seems for this.

22 Apr, 2010


I hope you haven't overdone it by lifting a couple of slabs ! Take it easy this evening. Your Gooseberry bush probably said "Thanks" to you. : o )

22 Apr, 2010


So easy to overdo it, isn't it Megan...
I lifted about 20 slabs the other day, but they were only smallish ones...
It is difficult to takes things easy, when, as Cinderella says, everything needs seeing to at the same time.... Today in the garden I was painting, planting, scrubbing, etc etc. and all in lovely sunshine :o)

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks Megan, trouble is I think I am still young !! I can't believe I am not !! No I am not old yet ?!! Mustnt give in to it.

22 Apr, 2010


That's a good positive attitude to have. : o )

22 Apr, 2010


I hope your goosberry settles in. It's dry here too. I have plants wilting in the garden from lack of water.

22 Apr, 2010


Hope your Gooseberry bush survives the move Cinderella, I know we have only just got over the snow but my garden is so very dry at the moment it could do with a good rain storm.

22 Apr, 2010


Thank you Hywel, and Stroller. I know its probably a bad time to move it, but it was either that or lose it. I agree we could do with a rain storm, but it looks like we are in for a hot weekend. Shouldn't grumble....well I'm not really.

22 Apr, 2010

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