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By clarice


Dont know about it being the beggining of summer yesterday, it never stopped raining all yesterday, then last night the wind got up, and today the winds are gale force, it looks like january outside, pots blown all over the place tree branches blown in the garden, can’t even get outside to do anything as the wind is so strong, hope Peter went ok yesterday, but i think its only us up north west & scotland who have got gales. anyway hope most of you are not getting blown to far, & dont get to much wind damage.

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Same here on North east coast Clarice - dont mind if us getting it meant a bit calmer while Peter got married.Forgot to mention the goldfinches that still cling to feeders while swinging wildly - must be all that practise on thistle heads.

22 Jun, 2008


Its very windy here today spent it running after pots Had to take my baskets down looked like they were about to take off Thankfully no serious damage Clarice

22 Jun, 2008


Same here. We had a storm come through within the hour and the wind was something else. Everything is still standing :)

22 Jun, 2008


Glad to hear it Mike as your last set of wind blown pics seem to have done enough damage.

22 Jun, 2008


Very windy here in SW too today. Trees waving about madly and little twigs from the old Ash tree all over the place - no branches, though. Plants over, too, some broken like one of my white Delphiniums :-( but at least I had some time to enjoy it - and a photo to prove it!

22 Jun, 2008


Windy in Shropshire too, i wouldn't say gales though. Strong enough to blow over a water butt and plant pot's too. (water butt wasn't far off empty) always concerned about the glass in the greenhouses when things go blowing around!

23 Jun, 2008

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