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Since i joined GOY i find alot of you use words that im not sure what they mean, i know LOL means lots of love and thats about the only one i know, so can someone tell me what a few of them mean. THANKS.

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I`m unsure of many of them too....and I thought LOL meant laugh out loud!

24 Jun, 2008


LOL Clarice. You're like me - not much of a clue when it comes to text words. I try to guess what most of them mean as and when I come accross them. I wrote a blog once to ask about them like you've done. And also Marksbegonias has a blog on them. You might like to have a look at these. Some of the comments are funny.

24 Jun, 2008


Lol..Laugh ot Loud
PMSL...P myself laughing my honest opinion
3 to start off...LoL

24 Jun, 2008


Look out for the sideways on smiley faces too :)

24 Jun, 2008



Laugh out loud . or ... Lots of love

confused ......which is it ....... or dosn,t it matter

24 Jun, 2008




Don't think it's been used YET, but you might want to pencil it in !

24 Jun, 2008


Thanks everyone

25 Jun, 2008

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