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By clarice


As anyone bought plants etc from council run garden centres. There is a new one just opened this last couple of weeks, not been to it yet, the plants & everything comes from a garden training school, where students are hoping to be top gardeners. I’ve been told that everything will be more expensive than normal garden centre’s, but the plants etc will be the best.

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Hi Clarice,
Thanks for this information. I havent come across any council run garden centres in our area yet, but the idea sounds interesting. If you visit the centre near you soon could you let us know what you think? Also could you kindly ask them if they have a list of other centres in the U.K or a website? It would be nice to see if there are many that are up and running,and we will pay a visit if there is one reasonably close to Bristol.
Looking forward to hearing more about them.
Best wishes,

6 Jul, 2008


We have one-its really good, not at all expensive and good quality plants. Not very big-they just sell off surplus plants.The staff are really knowledgable and helpfull

6 Jul, 2008


Our 'local' Horticultural College has just announced that it will be opening a 'Plant Centre' very soon! Plants grown by students will be on sale. Should be interesting.

6 Jul, 2008


Yes we have one near Norwich , it is very good, cheap the plants are in good condition , also the majority of the work is done by disabled people who as you can imagine love it ,

7 Jul, 2008


I also have one nearby, and I find the plants very good and not any more expensive than the garden centres. They also hve plant clearances which are good, they had one recently to sell off surplus bedding plants.

7 Jul, 2008


Thanks for info on council garden centres

7 Jul, 2008


Agree with Mike and Andrea not costly in our area choice a bit limited to parks and basket displays as grown on large scale.Generally good quality.

7 Jul, 2008

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