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Green grass


By clarice


Afew of you as been wondering if i’m ok as i’ve not been around for a couple of days, but as the weather is so bad, i can’t get in my garden to do anything, so this last couple of days i’ve been shopping as i’ve decided next time the weather is so bad i’ll have all my things ready to decorate my front room, but really at the moment i need to get in the garden as all this rain is really making the grass grow so much, although i have to admit my lawn is a beautiful deep rich green, even though there is about an inch of water on top of it.

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Clarice ~

You are the sort of person whose glass is always half full, not half empty ~ excellent !

With all this rain, you write the positive statement that your grass is a beautiful deep rich green ~ even though it has about an inch of water on it. Well done on finding something happy to say !

This year, due to the rain, etc, lots of us have had to cancel gardening plans, so yes, it's sensible to have everything in place to tackle indoor tasks. Good luck with the work.
Keep us posted.

6 Sep, 2008


Will do

6 Sep, 2008


Sorry about your lawn Clarice, but it's true everything looks lush in this rain.
I'm glad you're alright., and good luck with your re-decorating.

6 Sep, 2008


Well the grass is steadily turning browner here, but I did buy some new Spring bulbs yesterday

6 Sep, 2008


I've got 200 free bulbs coming from gardeners mag, only pay for delivery, had other free things out of it and they have been fine.

6 Sep, 2008


When it's as wet as this, grass-cutting is just not possible - nor are the other jobs that need doing outside, so you are right, Clarice! Think indoors and get on with those jobs!

6 Sep, 2008


looking at the weather on tv it seems we are doing better than you are doing in the south through the summer here, not noticed much effects from global warming here. we've had a decent summer without a lot of rain. the farmers here were complaining about the lack of rain in may, as it never rained once

6 Sep, 2008


Amazing! By the way, I've just watched a TV programme called 'Coast' and the Orkneys and Shetland were the bits featured! Looks wonderful - and as you said, no trees.

6 Sep, 2008

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