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Clocks Back


By clarice


Not looking forwould at all to tomorrow, when we put the clocks back tonight its going to be dark even earlier, it’s only 3-35pm now and i’ve got lights on, so evens knows what time we’ll be turning them on tomorrow, roll on end of january at least it starts to get a bit lighter & we are on the right side for the light nights coming back, sorry i’m going on a bit, but just dont like dark nights full stop.

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not looking forward to dark evening either Clarice, but i am looking forward to havin a lie on lol, it will be the first one ive had in months

25 Oct, 2008


It is miserable isn't it Clarice.
I always try to look forward to cosy evenings with other hobbies that I can pursue sitting by the fire.
The time goes so quickly though that it will be next spring before we can turn around.
Best wishes in the dark lol, Hywel.

25 Oct, 2008


what i miss ... is a fire, a real fire, (for people the age that i am) can you remember that we use to look for the firemen in the fire .... I use to do toast on the open fire, ah well those times may well have gone ..... (for now)

25 Oct, 2008


Yes I remember doing toast by the fire with real bread on a long toasting fork. It was much nicer than these slices of what my grandfather called 'plastic bread'. ( He was a baker and only the best would do for him )
And do you find the toasters never work properly. They burn one side and the other side isn't done atall.

25 Oct, 2008


I share all your comments about a real fire - so cosy and protective. I remember as a child in UK we didn't have central heating and our only form of heating was the coal fired grate in the living room - the rest of the house was freezing - literally. I'd have died from frostbite going upstairs to bed, if it hadn't have been for my hot water bottle !!!

I now have a log fire here in Italy and I just love the snap crackle and pop the spluttering burning logs make, coupled with all the various snells each type of wood gives off - another plus side is that being wood, (mum used to say that cooking with coal was harmful) I often use it for BBQingmeats and toasting bruschetta (HYWEL - sometimes with my homemade real bread! You know I would have liked to have known your grandparents, as I hardly knew mine - what with your grandmother and her crotcheting and your grandfather being a baker, I'm sure we'd have become bosom pals!! Even your gorgeous mum reminds me of my poor ole lovely dad in his wheelchair )

26 Oct, 2008


I remember 'real' fires when I was in the junior school.
There were only two classes - if you spoke Welsh you went to the Welsh class , and if not you went to the English one.
Our teacher - Miss Lloyd - ( I loved Miss Lloyd ) Well she was often absent because she suffered from a bad chest. On those occasions all us Welshies had to go to the English class with Mrs Thomas ( She was lovely too ).
Since there were not enough desks for everyone we all used to sit on the floor around the open fire. It didn't even have a guard on it. lol, and Mrs Thomas would read to us from a big book. They were happy times even in the winter because it was so cosy.

26 Oct, 2008


only reading all the comments now and guess what? yep i had a fire lighting last night , i love it. even just the look of an open fire makes me feel warm.

26 Oct, 2008


My house was built without an open fire, just central heating, but Paul's is older and built with an open fire in the lounge and dining-room. He added central heating himself, but I suspect that this evening we shall be shutting out the cold and wet as soon as it gets dark and lighting a cosy fire in the lounge (burning some of the wood collected when we lowered his hedge).

26 Oct, 2008


We have an old grate with a bread oven in the wall next to it.When we light the fire smoke pours into this oven , had to seal door with blue - tac as room thick with smoke!

Recall my grandfather toasting his bread waiting for lard to melt into it then drinking his camp coffee with condensed milk in it by his fire in his chair.No one could sit in it even if he were out.Pic for you Clarice on my page .

26 Oct, 2008

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