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I’ve been quite busy in my garden this last few days, i dont know if its just me that thinks it, but i feed birds in my garden, in winter i get lots starlings all falling out with each other, but once there are not as many of them around, i get lots of other birds, like sparrows, blue tits, in fact i keep making a cup of tea and just so i can sit and watch them, so it takes me longer to do a job in the garden than it should,even though i enjoy gardening.

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Hi Clarice yes there are alot of us who enjoy feathered friends visiting our gardens.Think with organic gardening and an increasing reluctance to use chemicals , birds are sensing they are being welcomed . we live under a rookery and these birds social hierarchy is fascinaing to watch.Clearly there is a boss bird the others sit and wait for before feeding and they share food among the group .not a pretty bird by any means but very intelligent.
Heavily persecuted know that farmers claim they peck eyes from new born lambs.Personally believe lambs have been still born and rooks feed on carrion.Hope you enjoy your birds I have to stop regularly so that birds can return to feeders good excuse for more tea!

26 Apr, 2008


Hi Clarice

It's great just being able to watch all those birds out there. I get as much pleasure out of them, as I do in all the other things going on out in my garden.

As each month goes by, I seem to get more types of birds, but unfortunately, most of the are just on a flying visit - sorry about the pun!

A friend has one of those nest box cameras set up. It's brilliant, so I thought I'd treat myself to an early birthday present and get me one. Had a check up with the bank manager in the cupboard and he said why not. So that's my new toy arriving next week. I can't wait.

I love them all, from the squabbling starings - so comical, to the screeaching sparrows. I love to watch the parents feeding and encouraging the young 'uns

I have a couple of relatively tame blackbirds and collared doves, plus a pair of wood pigeons that don't take much notice of me.

The only birds that get on my nerves are the feral doves/pigeons that tromp around my rockery. They cause a lot of damage.

26 Apr, 2008


I too love the birds in my garden Clarice. I have many birdhouses and really enjoy watching the birds build their nests and latter feeding their babies. I also have a few birdbaths around that are constantly used. The only feeding I do is to throw out bread. We are discouraged to have feeders where I live as we are very near to woods and occasionally we have bears that come strolling through yards. I have a six foot stockade fence around my back garden so I'm pretty safe but hate to take a chance on having a feeder as I sure wouldn't want to see a bear coming over my fence.

27 Apr, 2008


Now that my neighbour has got rid of her four cats I can think about welcoming the birds into the garden I didn't want to before as the cats were mean killers so much so that they would leave their spoils all over my garden not nice at all to see at all.

Hopefully I'll be able to take up the same sport as yourself Clarice and enjoy a really good cuppa and watch the birds get upto mischief soon

27 Apr, 2008


BEARS Mike? They are much, much more scary then our rabbits and foxes. I really don't fancy them as neighbours. Do you see much of them? We have a birdtable up high away from Henry and have problems with the dratted pigeons, too. They even steal the fat balls I hang under the table! Henry has started to chase them, but they just lurk until he's inside and come back. :-(

27 Apr, 2008


We don't see them too often Spritz but they are close by. The more land that is developed, the closer they are to us. The last sighting was last summer in the back yard of a house two house away from me. I keep hoping that my six foot stockade fence will deter one from coming into the yard. People are very quick to call when they spot one and they usually come right out and dart them and then they relocate them.

28 Apr, 2008

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