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No the lakes are on the right side of the penines, what part of yorkshire are you from. Im from derbyshire, but came to live in blackpool with my mum & dad when i was very small, thats many moons ago, but i was born in chesterfield. some times i still go over there. I know sheffield is only about 7 miles from there. I have to be honest both derbyshire & yorkshire have some stunning views to look at.

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Hi Clarice a blog with my name on well Im honoured trouble is will anyone else join in? I live right on north east coast between Scarborough and Whitby if you seen the programme Heartbeat you ll get the picture.I was just joking there has always been banter and much worse! between Yorkshire and Lancashire.goes back hundreds of years to Wars of the Roses which Lancashire lost and never forgiven us.
From Chesterfield home of our Tony Benn - great man.You could have sent this via your original blog or sent private message - or perhaps you like the thought of advertising how daft I am . As my son would say - whatever .. nice to hear from you hope you see some sun this week end and enjoy your garden .Best wishes.

9 May, 2008


I'll join in with you i used to live in a teeny tiny village in the Peak District we were on the map for well dressings maypoles, cream teas oh and the last hanging in Britain on Gibbet's Rock! I could walk for miles i was so lucky! can't afford a place there tho so i'll work on making my place nice! bonkers daft??? only in the best possible way! i mean i can't really claim to be anything other than daft so we make a good team hehehe!! xx

10 May, 2008


Wouldnt be too sure Ickledigga - neighbours often threaten to lynch me.Yep anyone who gets dressed to go out then hoses down pigs qualifies in the club!

10 May, 2008

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