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November 9th and the last part of the fence went up… but too dark for me to see it properly! Saw it in the light of day on the 10th and neighbours were pleased with it too! Let’s in much more light to both sides of our gardens now.
November 12th and the old tree roots had been drilled and some of the easier roots dug out – the soil has been given a turn over and hopefully I’ll be able to add a picture or two now.

As you can see lots of work still to be done! The tree man brought me some stepping stones for a path and to put into this border as well free gratis! He is really a gem!

Today 5th December and it was much warmer so out to the garden and into the new border. With a lot of help from the gardener – mostly all his work today – lifted and moved a lot of the perrenials, a lot of geraniums (Wargrave pink) were growing everywhere here so they have been removed as I have so many elsewhere and it meant I could plan the border more or les from scratch, without those as a distraction – can replant cuttings later in the year and also add in some different varieties to ring the changes!
Have put 5 Photinia (Red Robin) along the back of border but not too close to the fence so that I’ll be able to put in some climbers – Roses Zephirin Druin (already had these in tubs) and clematis various varieties I have grown from cuttings and a special offer I sent for during the summer which should work well in their new positions when they are ready for planting in final positions.
We moved a couple of shrubs and a tree ( Skimmia, Deutzia Pom Pom and an Amelanchior which was out growing its space) I think the Amelanchior will look good from next door’s lounge windows as well and since it’s deciduous they will get light in over the darker months.
By the time we were finished it was too dark to take photos but I’ll be out first thing tomorrow to add these here.

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You've worked hard !
Added to GoYpedia Fencing Ideas :o)

28 Nov, 2009


Yes you've worked hard, and now you have a lovely deep border to have fun with. Come next summer you'll be downloading photos of your beautiful border full of colour. The stepping stones are a good idea in a deep border, helping you to tend it. Nice man!

28 Nov, 2009


You have been busy!....its looking good......and oh what fun you are going to have planting it all:))

28 Nov, 2009


Wow! What a difference's certainly taking shape now....can't wait to see it by next year :)

28 Nov, 2009


well done, surprising how much space you have there now, cant wait to see it planted up :o))

28 Nov, 2009


well i reckon the hardest bit is done now. left with the fun parts of planting. do you know what you are going to do or is it still in the planning stage?

keep us informed.

28 Nov, 2009


Nice wide border for you to fill! Now you can grow climbers, too !:-))

28 Nov, 2009


Have added the next update to blog and will add photos tomorrow!

5 Dec, 2009


I`ve just widened a couple of my borders and now the possibilities are endless. I can see you are going to have fun planting. :o)

11 Apr, 2010

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