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A clean pond?


Due to the heavy rain today, I took My Good Lady to a garden centre, (Dobbies at Atherstone), one of her favorite past times. Having had a coffee we walked aound looking for plants for the garden & pond. Whilst in the aquatics section, I saw a pond vacuum cleaner, a nice clean pond with clear water is all well & good, but what happens to all the small creatures that live in the mud? This is where the bacteria live & keep the water condition pretty much as it should be. Also some of next years plants, some ‘die’ & settle at the bottom, only to return next season? Surely the balance of nature is going to be disturbed. I think I’ll stick with the mud at the bottom & leave the small creatures to get on with their lives.

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I have to agree with you,a lot of food for the fish on the bottom of my pond, in all the 20+ years we`ve had our pond it has only been completely emptied once, we have a filter on the pump in the pond and another bigger one on the outside which I clean regularly, some of our fish are older than the pond itself and are very healthy so I`ll stick with my method and keep my balance as it is...

12 Jun, 2011


How exciting to hear the name 'Dobbies' they are opening a garden centre near us soon. I cannot wait, what it the place like cliveanne, is it a big garden centre?

12 Jun, 2011


Hello Michaella, the Dobbies at Atherstone is quite large, We tend to go there once a year just to see what's what. It is about 18miles away from where we live, so too far away to make regular trips. There is a good selection of none-gardening 'shops' from camping/outdors - books - pet shop, a food hall & a cloathing outlet on site. (
I do not know where you are, but at the bottom of the page, there is a link to Future developments (4 of them)
I bet your 'local' will be listed ;-)

13 Jun, 2011


Dobbies is lovely but i find its quite expensive, but i leave my muck at the bottom of the pond aswell, and mine is clean, as mothernature does a good job of it herself.

13 Jun, 2011


My Oh bought me a pond vaccum for christmas 2 years and I've never use it, the filters and nature seem to do the trick.

13 Jun, 2011


I agree with you CA our pond has never been cleaned out in the 20 or more years we started it. A pond Vac to my mind is just another money maker.

13 Jun, 2011


Clarice, I agree that they are a bit pricey but aren't they all? I did buy a plant, Mazus, Reptans Blue,just the thing for the pond edge @£1.99, which I thought was not too bad. I'm now tempted to get another or two(locally if possibe ) & plant it/them by the stream. Gravel banks are all well & good but they do need some plant colour in them giving added interest.

14 Jun, 2011

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