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A day out


By cmsue


Yesterday we went for a drive, I had to drive because Bob has at long last got a new date for his Hip Op, so please cross your fingers for third time lucky 12 March. I must explain he does all the driving now since we retired so i am having to get some practice . :0( So we ended up down at Thurleston in South Devon.

This is the view from the house in the second picture

A pond in the bottom of the garden

The tide is coming in as you can see the van has just enough time to get across

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Lovely tour as always thanks Sue

27 Feb, 2014


Hi cmsue,
Now this isn't for you but for "BoB"
I like "Bob" had the hip pain for years and thought it was something else until i went to the doctor and it turned out to be the hip,

I had the opp two years ago now and i spent 12 days in hospital and a few weeks feeling very stiff,
But boy oh boy "Bob" was it worth getting it done?
Yes it was,
No more having those sudden pain's and laying awake at night feeling you just couldn't get right so you could sleep,
Honest Bob you'll feel like a new man once its all over,

"Just one very small tip,
Once the opps over make sure for a good couple of months after your moving about
you dont kneel down in a quick way (im being serious now)

It takes a while for the hip to marry into the socket and stay there,
It's very easy to do a quick knealing action and pull the socket,

Good luck "Bob" and when you've had the opp you become a member of the old farts hip hip ooh-ray club,

Be good and dont worry your doing the right thing.
Regards Dungy.

27 Feb, 2014


There's some good encouragement for you Bob! all the best with the op.

What a lovely day out you both had - really enjoyed the tour round. I hope that van wasn't going to need to go back in a hurry! The pictures are beautiful - I specially liked the one of the pond. And weren't you lucky with the weather!

27 Feb, 2014


I really enjoyed your trip Sue & Bob and what lovely scenes too love the blooms and garden and wild life. At least you got back safe and sound you can't be that bad at driving.

I wish Bob all the luck for his hip op.

27 Feb, 2014


Amazing to see Magnolias in bud already.

28 Feb, 2014


one of my colleagues had her hip done in early November. home the next day and now back at work.
you'll be a new man soon Bob. good luck with the driving cmsue.

28 Feb, 2014


Its always a treat to share your trips out Sue and judging by the pics it was a lovely day as well, it must set one up for the day to awaken in the mornings with blue skies and gaze out at that view..
They are smashing photo's as usual, I hope you are enjoying the driving and will keep my fingers xx that this is the time for Bob to finally get his hip sorted, he's sure had a long wait, wish him all the best from me, xx

28 Feb, 2014


Good luck Bob, my OH had both hips done in Exeter and that was 15 years ago, best decision ever. Cannot beat the Exeter Hip.

28 Feb, 2014


Gosh! Everything is so far on. Lucky you.

28 Feb, 2014


Thank you all for you kind comments.Bob said thank you all for you very kind regards :0)

28 Feb, 2014


So lovely Cmsue. All the best to Bob

1 Mar, 2014


Thank you Klahanie

4 Mar, 2014

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