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By cmsue


Hi Everyone sorry i havent been on for so very long but my comp broke and it took a little while to get the money together to fix it, so lets hope its ok now. and i have just come out of hospital i had a very bad bout of Pancreatitis believe me i hurt.Still not out of the woods yet the doc said, No booze, fats or irritants and plenty of fluids. Got to go for a deep endoscopy ( not looking forward to that ) and may have to have a stent put in . :0(
Any way , We are off to The Great Dorset Steam Fair the weekend , that should make me feel better :0)

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Hi Sue ..
It's horrible being without internet, isn't it ...
and you are being very brave with all those hospital tests ...
Nice to hear from you and wishing you better health soon
The steam fair sounds like fun .. xxx

18 Aug, 2014


Enjoy your weekend ,hope you are feeling better soon.

18 Aug, 2014


You poor soul, you have been through the wars. I do hope you can get away without a stent. I wondered where you were. Anyway its something if you are back on line. Have a great day at the steam fair. Have you seen the recent blog about a visit to the Jurassic coast? some pics there you will recognise!

18 Aug, 2014


hope you get well soon!

18 Aug, 2014


Sorry to hear you're under the weather Sue but pleased you are out of hospital , hoping you are painfree soon and get the tests and whatever treatment needed out of the way asap with good results, then you'll be able to go on your beloved bike trips, I s'pose they are a big no-no at the moment, not the best time to have problems with the comp, it can be a comfort when stuck indoors unable to do things, especially ones favourite pastimes, however did we manage without them !!..You take care now and keep your chin up...

18 Aug, 2014


Thank you very much everyone . I feel better than i did. Yes we are looking forward to the Great Dorset Steam Fair very much we are going for a week. so lets hope the weather is kind to us . I will take some pictures to show you all. once again thank you for you kind thoughts its wonderful to have friends like all of you x

18 Aug, 2014


Sorry to hear this. I do hope you are better soon and out of pain. x

18 Aug, 2014


Welcome back Sue ... I hope you enjoyed the Steam Fair and are feeling much better soon. :o)

19 Aug, 2014


I hope you feel better now Sue ...

22 Aug, 2014


Thank you Drc726, Shirley tulip, and Hywel. Yes thats i am not in so much pain now. these things happen i suppose. No i havent ridden my bike for some time, :0( mainly because Bob cant ride. He has just had another appointment to see Dr Gribbins ( Heart man ) cross fingers they will do his hip . :0)

22 Aug, 2014


Welcome back Sue, glad to hear you and the computer are feeling better, long may it continue. Hope they sort bobs hip out as well.

Hope you had a good time at the fair

30 Aug, 2014


Hi Samjp Thank you. Yes we enjoyed the fair very much a bit muddy but worth it .

2 Sep, 2014

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