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The Blue Flower in Romanticism


I have always loved true blue flowers and recently I found out that the concept of the Blue Flower was a big thing in German Romanticism. This Wiki page explains

I knew that the quest for a blue Rose was a big thing in horticulture, but I only found out about the symbolism of the Blue Flower in the Arts of the Romantic period when Reading a biography of CSLewis. I think The description of what the Blue flower meant to the Romantics of the 19th Century is very much how I feel myself about true blue flowers. I wonder how many feel the same?

Maybe you have some other ideas about blue flowers? To be honest, the blue rose thing has never interested me. I’m glad they gave up on it!

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I’m going back in my memory banks with this one for at one time I had a great interest in the “ sturm und drang” movement which caused the demise of the “ age of reason” and popularized the Romantic Era. Goethe’s writings of unrequited love caught fire in the youth of that time to such an extent that there was an epidemic of suicides in the young adolescent culture of that time. A German author and poet whose pen name was “Novalis” was the one who initially attributed the blue flower to mean the deepest desire and yearning that one could have and that now, one could express freely and no longer hide and repress. As Cicero would say.. Oh Tempora, Oh Mores!

19 May, 2023


Lovely blog and feedback from Julia and Loosestrife.
I, too, love blue flowers.

20 May, 2023


There is a quest in the daylily world for an all blue and a pure white flower. Someone once said that by the time there is an all blue one, all the names for a blue one will have been used to describe the partial ones.

21 May, 2023


What lovely feedback everyone. Loosestrife, that is amazing to read about the spate of suicides. I have sung a lot of songs with Goethe lyrics and yes….so deep and emotional.

Wylie..that is like the roses too…so many with blue in the name and none of them blue!

23 May, 2023


Better late than never … I love blue flowers, particularly Cornflowers and Penstemon “heavenly blue”. But my favourite is Phlox Chattahoochee which is a very pretty ‘wedgewood’ blue 🙂.
Interesting blog Karen!

8 Aug, 2023


Hi Karen, I do hope you are feeling much better now. Just reading your blog and Sheila's favourite blue flowers and remembered in the summer being astonished by Salvia African Skies. I admit I was transfixed by the mass of beautiful blue, surrounding me.

4 Jan, 2024


Yes Janey, I think Salvia African Skies is the bluest of the blue flowers - absolutely fantastic 🙂.

6 Jan, 2024


It is gorgeous Sheila, but the salvia in question was huge! Too large for my garden. Would look great in a couple of large pots though, what a statement!
I shall look for seeds and try to grow it.

6 Jan, 2024


Sounds wonderful, but too big for my new garden. You have reminded me though, about the beautiful shrubby salvia collection I had that was destroyed in Scotland by the weather. Maybe I’ll grow some here in Dorset! :)

12 Jan, 2024


Yes you must Karen … the shrubby ones just flower non-stop. Cerri Potosi is my favourite, such a vivid deep pink!

12 Jan, 2024


Thanks Sheila! X My neighbour has one in her very shady courtyard and it really does flower almost all year round.

12 Jan, 2024


My favourite too Sheila. Pops of vivid pink in the summer and highly scented leaves too.

13 Jan, 2024


I must look this one up! Scented leaves…yum!

16 Jan, 2024


Oh! That is lovely! And in the Sarah Raven catalogue! :)

16 Jan, 2024


Really, great news then..:)
I was hoping to get some seeds from African Skies but the gardener at Normanby Hall wouldn't allow me! What a meanie! He said they would be growing some for the shop, be ready in a couple of months, haha, best to check then..:((

17 Jan, 2024


I guess if he lets one take them he’d have to let anyone. Hope you get some seedlings!

18 Jan, 2024


Is the interest there because there is an absence of true blue flowers?

26 Feb, 2024


I guess so Angela. It’s a bit like the holy grail of horticulture isn’t it. But I’m glad they gave up on the blue rose!

1 Mar, 2024

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