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Pics of New Garden!


As promised I’ve taken lots of photos of our new garden today for you all to (hopefully!) enjoy :)

Here it is from the main bedroom window (sorry about the tea towel on the washing line hehe

Along the left hand side which spends most of it’s time in the shade

The right hand corner which will eventually be home to a greenhouse :D

The patio area looking towards the shed

The most important part of the garden – a nice comfy seat :D

My tiny veg plot, currently home to a few tomato and pepper plants.

My two mini greenhouses, there’s two strawberry plants, lettuce, spring onions, cornflowers and poppies in there at the moment – oh, and a small Box plant :)

I’m quite proud of my alpine pot :D

This Clematis was found a corner of the garden, close to death – hopefully I’ve saved it in time!

My lillies I purchased from Morrisons last year, I can’t believe how they have multiplied this year!

My new Leucothoe Axillaris (Curly Red), apparantly these like the shade and keep their colour all year round which is great for my shady side

This is the free Rowan Tree I received from Velvet toilet tissue last year, it’s shot up in no time at all!

And to finish, a few mystery plants found in the garden, I believe the first one is a Erigernon but have no idea about the others, anyone know what they are?

As you can see, there’s quite a lot to keep me going for this year. I can’t wait to start working on it next spring as I’ll be buying a proper greenhouse and some raised beds for veggie growing. Hopefully we’ll also be having some artificial grass on the left side for Benji to play on without getting muddy paws!

Unfortunately Benji’s not very well at the minute (hence him not appearing on any pics). I found a tick on him a few days ago but didn’t manage to get it out completely which resulted in a visit to the vet. He’s got some antibiotics which hopefully will make him better but it’s horrible seeing him so lifeless, he’s usually full of life :( Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery :)

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its looking very neat and tidy, some lovely plants ~ i like that leucothoe. i think the plant in the last but one photo is mombretia?

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks stickitoffee :) There's lots to tackle in the future but for now I'm just going to enjoy sitting out and planning it all :) Yes, I think you are right about the mystery plant, I've just been reading about it. If it is that I'll have to wait til August for it to flower to be certain. There's lots more of it in the garden :)

1 Jun, 2011


It is looking really nice, hope Bengy is feeling better.

2 Jun, 2011


Thanks Mavis, he seems a little better today but I think we'll be off to the vets again tomorrow to make sure :)

2 Jun, 2011


Your garden is looking Lovely Craftyemma, have you just done it or have you just moved in and inherited it? I have a shady strip down the right hand side of my garden, Sun in the morning and teatime, Totally shady in winter, I manage to grow some nice plants there.. That is a perfect spot for your greenhouse next year, How exciting. I grow fruit and veg in pots, Miniature apple/pear etc, strawberry's and tumbling toms in hanging baskets,and Potato's in sacks, they do well, Oooh and a lovely plum tree in a huge your orange lillie's, i have the same one's, still in bud! Sorry I can't ID any of your mystery plants, Happy gardening.. Dee..

2 Jun, 2011


Sounds like lots of plans and work for the future! It's a good sized garden, and it's great you've got a shed! You can hide a mountain of 'stuff' in there! Hope wee Benjy's on the mend!

2 Jun, 2011


well done Craftyemma nicely done and put together..should be a great space when youve completed your plan..hope your benji gets better soon..excellent share thank you

3 Jun, 2011


youngdaisydee - we moved into our new home about 5 weeks ago so it's all inherited apart from the pots and furniture :) I'm definately going to have some raised beds by the greenhouse to grow some fruit and veg. I've decided to have a 6x4 shed instead of an 8x6 with having the beds. Those lillies we well worth the money!

libet - we were told by the previous owner that the shed is only a couple of years old so it's in really good condition. We cleared it out last weekend and have it all nice and tidy... for a while :D

skipscanda1 - thank you for your comments, my plans for the garden keep changing but it's fun coming up with different ideas!

Benji update: the poor little thing seemed quite poorly this morning so we took him back to the vet who gave him an anti-inflammitory injection and some more antibiotics and some drops to give him. She said she's treating it as Lyme's Disease but isn't totally sure if he's got that. It's really knocked him for six :( Finger's crossed.

3 Jun, 2011


I hope Benji is improving by upsetting when our pets are poorly.

You've made a good start in getting some veggies going and your plans for the greenhouse sound like just what you need. It will be fun to see how your plans develop.

5 Jun, 2011


Hi whistonlass :) Thank you for your comments, Benji has made a huge improvement over the last couple of days, he's almost back to his old self which is a relief.

I keep going outside and imagining what I want the garden to look like. I've finally decided to have proper grass rather than artificial as Benji doesn't actually spend that much time in the garden getting mucky so to save ourselves about £400 we've decided we'll stick to wiping/washing his paws! :D

I can't wait to get started on it but it looks like it will be next spring before we attempt anything strenuous, we've got plenty to do inside our new house first :)

6 Jun, 2011


Ahhhhh, you have just moved in, well, you were luck with the garden, the backbone is there and your prettying it up nicely :) Happy to hear Benji is feeling better... Dee..

6 Jun, 2011


Hi Dee, yes we are lucky, at least we haven't moved into to jungle or concrete city :D We hope to reuse some of the slabs and gravel so it shouldn't cost a huge amount to get it how we want it. More money to spend on plants hehe.

Benji continues to improve, we've got another trip to the vets tomorrow evening to hopefully get the all clear :)

7 Jun, 2011


Great to hear that Benji is well once again and also that you will put down proper grass...I think you will be much happier with that, not to mention the £400 saving!!

You'll have to exercise patience just as I had to do before being in a position to get the garden sorted. It was well worth the wait for us...and I hope you will say the same when your turn comes next spring.

In the meantime, happy decorating and settling into your new home, Emma.

7 Jun, 2011


hey what a neat and tidy garden!
very nice and well done!

21 Jun, 2011

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