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Plant Buying On Line


By crissue


Like many people I buy on line…but the experience I have had of late I felt it needed to shared with you all, as it concerns Garden Plants….Some of you may be aware of this Company, or may have even done business with them…Unfortunately they have put us in the unenviable position of taking legal action against them…

The Company is Devine based in Humberside..
On 13th September I placed an order for Plants, and entered my card number, as you do…I received email confirmation of the order….
On 21st of September I sent an email asking for an update on my order progress….No reply…
On 26th September I sent another email asking for a reply within 24hrs, otherwise I would be forced to cancel the order…Their reply was to take £71 + from our account…
On 30th September I cancelled the order after receiving conflicting excuses as to why the order had not been dealt with…I do know that they were at a Plant show, but I was told their Greenhouses had blown down…and that my order should be ok…
We contacted the bank, who cancelled our Card, reissuing a new one…inconvenient to say the least…
Not what I was hoping to hear…
After several Telephone messages, asking them to contact us, all of which have been ignored…and a recorded delivery letter sent on the 8th Oct…
and no refund in sight, we are now consulting Solicitors…
We’re now heading towards the end of October, and in the last two weeks, we have had other merchandise arrive from the UK bought on line, with no problems…

Buyer beware they say…Well in this case so far we have been well and truly caught….
Be careful where you spend your money folks….

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That is terrible - don't get me wrong for liking this - only liking the warning - that is terrible I hope you get your money back - will favour this for warning :)))))))))))))))))))

28 Oct, 2011


Thats terrible Sue. It does put one off from ordering on line when you hear things like that. Hope you get your money back ok.

28 Oct, 2011


Omg thats jsut never know when buying online..who do we trust these days?
Hope you get it all sorted out and get the B.s.a.d.!!!!!!

28 Oct, 2011


Thanks Paul...We spend our money so trustingly, and sometimes the Sharks bite....:(((

Thanks Sylvia and Pix...
It's frustrating and annoying, and even now we just hope our money will still arrive...

28 Oct, 2011


Glad you named and shamed them Sue this is nothing but theft, hope you get your money back.

28 Oct, 2011


So do we Fran, it's really been upsetting...

28 Oct, 2011


I hope your money is returned.

28 Oct, 2011


The easy way too we hope Terra..

And to Update, my Husband has telephoned this morning to give them one last chance to acknowledge his calls, and so far no answer...says it all I think....

28 Oct, 2011


I am really shocked at this. I have used this local company for years with no mishap at all. allways excellent produce.
as for the greenhouses, they were damaged quite severly.

cant excuse the bad service you have had though.

28 Oct, 2011


Thanks for your input Seaburngirl...Maybe as a local company they find it easier to deal with as a small company, which I now understand that they are...
I don't dispute the greenhouses were damaged, it happens, but they had still managed to do the last show, and operate in spite of having a family bereavemet...It's the lack of contact that does not bode well, with today's techno, how long does it take to send an email...or make a phone call...We have been in business ourselves, and our Customers would always be notified of any delay or problem if it arose, which it sometimes does...Some companies think if they just ignore you, you will go away...especially as we're in France...

and no I cannot excuse the bad service we have had either, not forgetting the inconvenience of cancelling our Credit card too....

28 Oct, 2011


Poor you,Sue! So worrying and not what you want so near to being unwell........I usually only deal with Burncoose nurseries or Taylors.Always been too wary of using unknown people,although ,as you said,it's not the first time you have used them.Hope it resolves soon,LJX

28 Oct, 2011


Hi J...I know it didn't help not being well with all that going on too...

I've never used them before, it was Seaburngirl who said she had used them regularly before...
It's difficult to find Nurseries that ship to France, and I noticed that this one had connections in France or so they say on their Website...
I use Taylors, and DA Roses and a local Nursery in France....and they all do the shows, but they will let you know if there's a delay, they don't leave you dangling, wondering what's happening...that's the annoying part...

28 Oct, 2011


like others glad you named and shamed them, hope you get your money back.

28 Oct, 2011


Thanks Clarice....You feel a bit of a fool when it happens...

Being in France, I do miss certain stores I used to shop in like M&S...and I love ordering from them they confirm the order, don't take the money until the goods are ready to be shipped, and even tell you approx what date to expect the goods...Even DA Roses, I've got Roses on order for weeks, and paid for too, but there's no problem, either, as soon as the shipment is ready, an Email arrives....That's what I call Customer Care...:)))

28 Oct, 2011


Exactly.....good old Marks and John lewis,always reliable!!!

28 Oct, 2011


Toooo right...

28 Oct, 2011


Like Paul, I don't mean I like this because of what's happened to you, but like it because of the warning about this company. Shocking service, to say the least. I hope you get it all sorted and get your money back.

28 Oct, 2011


I too hope you get your money back....

28 Oct, 2011


That's pretty crappy service!
Like Meadowland, I only do mail order with Burncoose. They're not cheap, but the plants are always good and they have only cocked up once - it was sorted with just one email and I got a free plant out of it too.
I swear by the plants at Hill House Nursery too, but it just so nice to go there in person!

29 Oct, 2011


Thanks Sheilar- Lin - and Meanie...

I'm happy if the Blog is liked, if I can help anyone avoid this happening to them it's a good thing....and who knows the outcome may be that this Company may get their crappy act together (good word meanie)...

I've had a look at Burncoose, and read through their operating Policy and shipping to Europe, and everything is there in black and white and straightforward....and Cornwall too, can't be bad...I'll put them in my Dairy....for future reference....

29 Oct, 2011


Very bad practice indeed. I hope your money is returned. It's a risky business ordering on line I suppose. There's no way of telling what sort of service you'll get.

29 Oct, 2011


That's very true Hywel...I try and research, and also word of mouth can be good too...never been treated like this before tho...

29 Oct, 2011


Thanks for that Crissue...You know i buy on-line all the time, i've never heard of this company...How awful!!!...

29 Oct, 2011


It needed to be done Moti, they are really taking the mick....It wont put me off, I'll just check even more thoroughly in future...x

29 Oct, 2011


What did you order? A lot of plants can only be sent after first heavy frosts if bare root.

Communication is an issue with lots of online stores.

I also dislike when they do not tell you what size of plant you will get. You get a pic of a 6ft tree in full growth online then you get a brown 6inch stick a few months and £70 later.

29 Oct, 2011


Hi Kildermorie, wish that it was that simple....There was no problem with the order....and all the paperwork was fine....
You struck gold with the word 'Communication' that is where they fell down, they just did not feel they needed to communicate at all...except with my bank to take the money...

29 Oct, 2011


Thanks for the warning Crissue. There is never an excuse for poor service. I've never understood companies that treat their customers poorly (at best). How can they possibly earn a profit??

Not sure if your aware of this but in the UK where an online sale is canceled or the item is returned, any monies paid (including delivery charges must be refunded within 30 days. Since you sent the Recorded Delivery letter on 8th Oct you may want to give them 30 days from this date to refund (although you cancelled on 30th Sept). Have you spoken to anyone from the European Consumer Centre (French branch)? They are quite good at at referring complaints to the relevent Authorities within other countries to help get the matter resolved, hopefully without requiring court action.

29 Oct, 2011


I hope you get your money refunded soon Sue. I only use a handful of companies (all well known), but I realise that you have the added difficulty of not living in the UK and may not have the same choice available.

Good luck!

29 Oct, 2011


Thankyou for your input Samjp....Very informative, and I hope all Goyers will keep your info, just in case, as we will too...
No we went direct to a Solicitor (English) in France, who advised us the route to go, to give the company ample opportunity to salvage themselves....
Now that the trade has opened in Europe for Nurseries to ship, they still have to have a licence to do so, and have strict rules to comply with...being able to contact the European Consumer Centre and report the antics of Devine Nurseries, hopefully will shake them up, if they are failing to comply....
Court action is the last thing anyone wants, but sometimes with certain companies it's the only way....
Thanks once again...

30 Oct, 2011


Thanks Frybo...:)))

We still use UK for different things, Amazon, have been good, tho you have to watch postage with them...M&S can't fault them, and they have now a French outlet for us brits and the French, to order direct in France...Taylors Clems, brilliant...Chris always lets you know what's going on...DA Austin Roses, no problems either, and others...we bought our new Blender/etc from UK...our big Mixer a year ago, from UK...+ we use French companies too...and normally they don't charge postage...
I found a brilliant English owned French Nursery, here in France, has a fantastic selection of Perennials etc...but unless it's a big order, they don't ship to UK or N/Ire....shame, they're good...
I've even bought Ugg boots, that came from Australia via China....interesting one lol .... still no probs...Only takes one to spoil it...:((((

30 Oct, 2011


Hope the info helps Crissue. Sometimes a quiet word from Trading Standards is all that it takes. If not then quite often the local Authority will get large numbers of complaints and will be able to take other legal action.

Hope you get it all sorted out quickly.

31 Oct, 2011


omg thats so bad , i am not very trustfull buying on line ........... allways like to see and then pay cash hun !! i no its difficult for you ,... but make sure it has a secure payment protection in place , like paypal !! hope u get it back hun x

1 Nov, 2011


Hi Sanjp...
Much obliged for your info...not just for us, but maybe in the future for someone else...

Hi Cris...thanks hun for your concern, I totally agree with Paypal, we have a paypal account, which we do use when we can...but this was a first and last time use of this company...It sure has put us on our guard...

1 Nov, 2011


Hello Sue, Sorry to hear of your rip off, I have brought on-line from all over the world and been stitched up by three.
Two were deliberate fraud from the Netherlands who set up forged Microsoft sites. Even had the Barclays Verification and a Https . The third was a lady on ebay. . Barclays refunded my debit card the following day as did Paypal.

Have you tried this site Sue

They deliver to France

Good luck


1 Nov, 2011


Hi Sue,
I have been paying detective for you. Must be the same company and today's Telegraph Gardening Club are advertising Devine Nursery's. Is the following the same name and address. If so ring up the Telegraph


Devine Nurseries, Withernsea Road, Hollym, East Yorkshire ( 01964 613840 ; www.devine
Sarah Raven ( 0845 884 6474 ;
Reader offer
Buy 25 Gladioli 'Purple Flora' for £9.95, 25 'Black Jack' for £9.95, 25 'Plum Tart' for £9.95 or 25 'Green Star' for £9.95, or all four packs for £19.90.
Send cheques/postal orders made payable to Telegraph Garden to Dept TL719, 452 Chester Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 9HL, or call 0161 848 1106 for debit/credit card orders, quoting ref TL719.
Delivery within 28 days (we regret we are unable to dispatch to the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland).
How to grow Gladioli
All gladioli are easy to grow. As soon as the soil has warmed up in March or April, plant the corms 20cm (8in) deep; this is deeper than most books will tell you. I use a bulb planter but a long trowel or leek dibber will do. Secured deep in the ground, you are less likely to need a stake. Plant them about 15cm (6in) apart.
If you have bought quite a few, don't plant them all at once. Stagger their planting and you will get a better succession of flowers.
Gladioli need plenty of water to flower well. So, if you can, dig a trench and pile well-rotted manure into the base before planting. This will help feed the bulbs and will also retain water. On well-drained poorer soil, extra watering will be required.
As soon as the flowers appear and until at least three weeks after flowering, apply a high-potash feed (like Tomarite or comfrey juice) every two weeks.
This is essential on poorer soils where flowering will diminish with each successive season.
It's always said you need to lift your gladioli - that, like dahlias, they'll be frosted if left in the ground. It's my fourth year of growing them at Perch Hill and I've never lifted them. I mulch them deeply with 6-7cm (2.5in) of mushroom compost to give them an insulating duvet over their heads in late autumn. You should be safe with this in the south of England and the western fringes of the British Isles, but in colder counties, grow them in a sheltered spot and lift them for the winter when the leaves turn yellow-brown. Lift them and snap the corms from the stems. Dust with sulphur and dry them out for a couple of weeks. Then snap the new corms from the old, discarding the old. The new must be kept dry and cold (but frost-free) until they are replanted.
You can dig and divide the clumps every few years to select the best corms for replanting. Without this, the new cormlets forming will invade the space of the original corm and the nutrients will have to be shared. The risk is lots of foliage and no flower spikes.


How to Grow
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1 Nov, 2011


Hi Tom...Thanks for that, yes they are the same Company, well they'll be one or two orders down this year, or next with the publicity they're getting for themselves...

We have had a weak Telephone call at long last from the Owner, I won't say too much at the moment, as it's a wait a see game at this stage...but it is in response to a threat of Court action....

2 Nov, 2011


As per my last post on the subject of Devine Nurseries...We eventually had a returned phone call after several messages left from our side, the last one being aimed at legal action if we didn't finally get a response...
OH and the Owner came to an agreement, that our money would be refunded in full...after much wrangling on the cost of sending it through the bank from their end, Mr Devine said he would send Euros...which he did, and we received it on Wednesday this week...Weren't we supprised when the mail arrived, and it had come by unregistered mail...what a risk...still it's here now, and the situation has now been resolved....thank goodness..

I'm including the Link to my Forum, all are welcome, have a chat and a laugh, play games, post Recipes, etc lots of Topics...come in as a guest have a look around...:)))

highlight the link..pop it into the http box at the top, click search...
Hope to see you there...

11 Nov, 2011


Glad you got it sorted Sue

15 Dec, 2011


Thanks Tommy, very kind of you...It was quite traumatic for a while....:))

15 Dec, 2011


Glad they came back to you and issued a full refund in the end. Shame the service was so bad to begin with.

18 Dec, 2011


Hi Samjp....thanks, yes so glad it's all over.....and thanks once again for your help too....
Have a great Christmas with your loved ones...:)))

18 Dec, 2011


Your welcome, hope it was of some use.

Thanks, hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

18 Dec, 2011

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