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Sloping garden


By crv1963


My first go at posting a blog and pictures! A few of the sloping garden we’re trying to get tidied up and sorted before the growth really starts in the rest of the garden. This slope faces SE, has lots of Laburnham trees on it.

Picture 1 a view from across the street, as you can see very overgrown appearance! We are not going to do anything major to the side between the garage and the right hand gate post- thats being left as a haven for the frogs that go down there from the ponds up in the main garden. The other side of the gate we’re just going to tidy, leaving it to look natural, and provide more wildlife cover.

Picture 2 closer view- Vinica minor the plant growing under the trees (I think), there are some bulbs growing under the trees too.

Pic 3 closer view of the trees, can’t see the wood for the trees?

Will post some pics of the slope after work on it- we’ve cut some of the privet bushes down, cut out the dead wood from the other trees/ bushes. We’ve kept some of the privet to provide shade whilst the new planting establishes and to give us some privacy from the road.

We’ve planted some Acers in the dappled shade, have ordered some Snowdrops in the green to go across the slope, hoping to plant some Foxgloves as they become available so we will hopefully have some colour all year round.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, others may have better thoughts, as it’s so steep and the rest of the garden is in need of tlc we want to be able to leave this slope to it’s own devices for most of the time so we can concentrate on the areas we can use.

Thanks Terratoonie and Ladybug47 for your comments, here are a few more pics of the slope. I’ll create another blog with photos of the rest of the garden in.

Plants to go into the garden!

Cornus planted at the top of the slope, to give privacy and winter colour- we put 5 cornus (3 red, 2 yellow) and a witchazel in. You can just make out a honeysuckle we put in at the bottom of the tree trunk, wanting some colour amongst the tree if it takes.

Another view the other direction. Witchazel is on the left.

One of the Acers (planted four) but you can’t really see it yet. We’re hoping that they’ll be sheltered and in the dappled shade, plan to underplant this area with snowdrops, a fern or two (good idea Ladybug47) and some foxgloves.

A Fallopia Aubretii, which will hopefully grow up the dead tree and into and over the living ones to give some summer colour (white!) we were told that it will reach the top of the trees in a season! Never grown one before but it is supposed to be frost and wind hardy.

A clearer view of an Acer planted nearer the bottom of this bit of garden! As the acers grow we’ll cut back more of the overhanging privet bushes.

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Next post: Views of the garden, lots of work done, lots and lots more to do!!!



Interesting blog.
I'm adding it to GoYpedia Sloping Garden Ideas.

Have you looked there ?
You can find GoYpedia by scrolling down to the alphabet at the base of the GoY pages, and clicking on a letter.

e.g. S for Sloping Gardens, A for Aubrieta,
F for Feature Ideas. I hope this helps.

Good luck with your garden. :o)))

29 Feb, 2012


more bulbs maybe and ferns,more pics would be nice,welcome to goy and will be interesting to see the rest of your garden,chris

29 Feb, 2012


A plant you might consider for later colour is campanula trachelium. It's a British native, comes in blue or white, and flowers about July/August time. It won't grow in heavy shade, but I have it in pretty dry soil in light shade and it seems happy enough

29 Feb, 2012


Thanks for that idea, I think I'll give that a go too.

1 Mar, 2012


Welcome to Goy, you have a very interesting garden by the way you have described it, I wish you well with your plans and look forward to seeing more as you progress...

3 Mar, 2012

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