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I discovered a wasps nest in my shed.

The first thing I did was to take a photo & afterwards I stood gawping at it ~ in awe, while also feeling repulsed by how well established I found it albeit only the size of a rugby ball.

In the days following and after some basic research, I came to the conclusion that this was last year’s nest as I had also spotted a couple of new, smaller ‘apartments’ were in the process of being built.

I phoned the council. I would’ve had a better response if I’d have called Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler.
“We don’t deal with them untilJune/ July time”
“But I have them now and don’t wish to wait for things to escalate”
“How are they getting in?”
" I don’t know, ask the Queen wasp, all I know is I have one, you provide a service to take it away (at a cost of £50) and I’m requesting it "

After umpteen questions which, for some, I could only provide an answer to if I was a pest control manager, my details were recorded & I was told they would ‘get back to me.’

a few weeks later…

my best mucker and I were rinsing the good Easter weather in my haven & we got onto the subject of the (by now) infamous wasps nest & its surrounding 2 new builds. In short, we went to investigate, with a Famous Five kind of fearless yet innocent manner . I prodded the egg- shell- like abode and it unexpectedly swung like it was holding on by a mere thread. We clambered over ourselves and retreated towards the shed door with speed, anticipating trouble. There was no reason for panic as there was no sign of life and so we took the brave decision to knock it down altogether. It was the size of a large egg…

Round 1 goes to me and my ‘bezzie mate’

Round 2 (ding ding)
In the moment of glory and still feeling (momentarily) brave, we befelled the next offending hub with ease, but paused whilst we contemplated THE BIG ONE.

Like all best mates, when you’re together you become a force unto your own, don’t you? & feel like you can take on the World. Yet on your own you are not as mighty. So the following isn’t something I would have dared to do on my own and that is why, up til now, I had been waiting like a lemon for the council to ring me back.

In one foul swoop, we conquered the beast, which in hindsight was a doddle and probably less dangerous than the little un.

I didn’t realise how fragile these nests are; so brittle.
I’m truly fascinated by them and didn’t particularly want to make any wasps homeless or get any builder wasps the sack because the homes they were constructing had collapsed.

I personally would consider this to be an act of stupidity~ yes, relying on the council to help you out is STUPID!

I will be keeping a close eye on my shed from now on.

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Hello everyone - I wouldn't recommend that anyone try to get rid of an ACTIVE wasp nest themselves because my father-in-law did this and got stung so many times that he became unconconscious and had to be rushed to hospital where he was very ill because of the amount of stings he had incurred.

Just a note of warning.

28 Apr, 2011


Good warning Marie, but I agree with Crystaltips that trying to get help from the Council about anything is almost impossible ... :o(((

Well written blog Crystaltips :o)))

28 Apr, 2011


mental,i would have locked the shed and never used it again,like the time i found a rats nest in the shed and locked myself in the bathroom with my daughters pet rat,dont ask me what i was thinking,love the blog

28 Apr, 2011


I believe that wasp nests are used for one year only and then the queen starts a new nest. We have inherited a very large, old, nest in the shed on our veggie plot and are just leaving it out of interest.
I wouldn't try to knock down a large, active nest but there are two 'home' deterents available from the GCs. If the entrance to the nest is readily accessible, to you, you can puff a powder round it. The wasps then carry this powder into the nest and it poisons the inhabitants overnight. Secondly there is a foam which you spray at the entrance to seal it and trap any wasps inside - I prefer the powder if I have to remove a nest.

28 Apr, 2011


I had one last year appeared on the viburnum hanging by a small thread, they are very cleverly built but when it came to evening i got out the hose and sprayed it and it disintigrated got rid of it but it was a small one. I noticed the other day a wasp on one of the logs dotted round the garden 'eating' the wood, it would be building a nest somewhere.

28 Apr, 2011

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