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Adieu for a while..


Hi everyone, not to be reittering other members comments at the moment but I’ve been having several issues with uploading blogs and new photos at the moment. I’d had this issue previously in 2018 which was a reason for me taking a slight hiatus.

It appears the same errors have re-occurred so for the time being I’ll be here just to comment on other blog posts by members and photos, however will not be creating my own. Whether that is a permanent decision is yet to be made until errors can be rectified.

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That's a shame, I hope you can sort it out, I enjoyed your blogs and pictures.

2 Jun, 2020


I hope you get it resolved Dan as your blogs are interesting.

Did you see my comment to Karen?

the site altered the size of photos that could be added. blog pics went down to 3mb whilst normal photos are 5mb.
I have to resize all my photos because I have my camera set at a high resolution for the other phots I take.

3 Jun, 2020


I didn't Seaburngirl that's interesting, I will have to give it a other shot potentially then! Thankyou for yiur response!!

3 Jun, 2020


Oh crumbs I didn't realise that was happening again, I had that issue a few years back, it was really frustrating as I couldn't seem to sort it no matter what I did, it actually helped me, I felt lonely as it was wintertime, I ventured into the gardening pages on FB, lots of goy members also joined not long afterwards so we still keep in touch and now have the best of both worlds, plus lots more gardening like minded people to share our experiences with, I never did discover what was wrong Dan, goy suddenly decided to allow me to participate again, it wasn't my own setup which was my original thoughts at the time, hope you can sort yours out, sorry I can't advise you as I still don't know why it happened....

3 Jun, 2020


What a shame, Dan..I have to agree with Eileen. Sometimes it’s the size of your pics/file size. I’ve had to readjust the size of mine a lot. Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully you’ll get it sorted.

6 Jun, 2020


I'm going to do another trial blog and see what happens!!

6 Jun, 2020

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