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.Over the last 60 years have seen many changes and have to say todays plots look neater the old sheds and home made green houses have gone people seem to take a pride in their plots more so if they have no garden at home.Most of all the quality of the veg has improved ,some of the things added to plants when I was a lad its a wonder they didn’t glow in the dark.Now enviro mesh has done away with a lot of pesticides,Nematodes watered into the soil keep the slugs under control.At least 20 of our plot holders enter our borough allotment competition competing against 20 other sites last two years the first three in the competition were on our site

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Sounds great! I think the old dilapidated sheds were all people could afford at one time - there was no money to spare for things like that. I feel squeamish about slug nematodes since I read how slowly the slugs die though.

3 Feb, 2014


I don't know, but I like old ramshackle sheds and greenhouses. There's something atmospheric about them. New ones look so plain and boring to me.
I'm odd lol :o)

3 Feb, 2014


No you aren't - I know just what you mean.

3 Feb, 2014


I once was part of an alloment,
And not only did i learn from the more experienced memebers ref gardening

'But i met a wonderful crowd of people and as the years went by i was there when the first lady allotment holders got their own plots?
"It was about this time old shed's started to have net curtains on the window's and soft loo paper appeared in the loo's,

Oh and little notices fixed to the inside of the loo door telling members to use the loo brush and put the seat down"
Alway's a good feel and a sense of humour like the reply to using the loo brush,

ie "It's to big it wont fit in me mouth".

It was a very sad day when the council took the site back and housing appeared there.

3 Feb, 2014


Must admit some of the allotments I've seen the past few years are very posh with the picket fences, summer houses instead of the old sheds, swing hammocks and bbq's all set up, raised beds on a lot of them with proper footpaths instead of a dirt one, proper weekend retreats for the whole family to enjoy, its the modern way but amusing to see the keeping up with the Jones's effect or in some cases beating them, even works down the allotments and I don't mean just with the produce, lol....

4 Feb, 2014


Another member on here (called Balcony) has an allotment, but houses will be built there soon. It's very sad :o(

4 Feb, 2014


Sorry to read about Balcony. His Council have a statutory duty to provide allotments. Has he contacted the NSALG
office in Corby for legal help ?

6 Feb, 2014


I don't know

6 Feb, 2014


You had loos on your allotment Dungy??? Wow, that is civilisation for you! Not even a tap on ours.
Hywel I hope the news of you Brother is better today

6 Feb, 2014

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