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Over the years have seen many changes on alllotment sites and overall plots are tidier than years ago,not so many patched old sheds ,proper green houses or poly tunnels have appeared and I have to say the quality of the vegetables has improved.When I had my plot 62 years ago some of the stuff that was used its a wonder the veg did not glow in the dark.Peas were soaked in paraffin then rolled in powdered red lead,this was to prevent mice stealing the pea and bean seed.A lot of pesticides contained Mercury,soot with all the nasties from burning coal was a marvelous way to keep slugs away from prized veg.Now with enviromesh most pests are kept at bay and a few slug pellets under a roof tile out of animals reach take care of slugs,or As I do Nematodes watered onto the soil gets rid of most slugs.
Have added a link to a video clip I did on some of our plots last summer

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This is all very true, but the vandalism has increased.
They can now afford strong wire cutters. The wretch who
stole half of my maincrop onions used them to cut a hole
in the fence that I paid £100 to have erected to keep him
I was so upset I will never go down there again.
Others have left too for the same reasons.
Thrashing is too good for them.
I asked for CCTV cameras 5 years ago, but oh no the Committee didnt suffer so they didnt pursue them with
the police. Now the damage has been so bad they
have doubled the rents and are getting them. On the
Burton Latimer field 5 seperate sheds were set on fire
consecutively one summer. It was heart breaking, so many lovely people who enjoyed gardening so upset.
But I have gone.

21 Mar, 2014


Thats so sad Diane, Committee should be ashamed of themselve's..

Fascinating blog dandylyon, i dont have an allotment but im interested how folk garden on one, i imagine they are full of friendly gardeners who help each other out with a few laughs along the way.

21 Mar, 2014


Over the past few months I have also suffered vandalism, plant pots thrown about and smashed, garden furniture upturned and thrown all over the place, the greenhouse gets a brick thrown at it every few days smashing it. Those of you that have seen my blogs will see that the garden I have is nice ( for me anyhow), I am now thinking about selling up and look for somewhere not so vandal prone. I have told the committe many times and they say phone the police....I have done a couple of times but they do "B" all about it as they have more important things to do...btw the commitee members arn´t troubled by the vandals as they have gardens that are overlooked by a road, my garden is nicely tucked away below a disused railway embankment so the vandals can´t be seen so easily. When I see what damage is done it realy breaks my heart after all the hard work that I have put into the place.

21 Mar, 2014

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