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Toms' First Day Out- More Spring Hope


By darren8


First couple of hours outside for my windowsill tomato seedlings. Fingers crossed!
They’re Costoluto di Fiorentina in 4 inch pots

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They are well on their way. I haven't put my seed in yet.

18 Mar, 2019


They look good strong ones Darren, mine aren't in yet either...

18 Mar, 2019


It's surprised me how they're not at all leggy!
I did use a reflector to bounce the windowsill light, I'll have to see if it works for sweet peppers too...

18 Mar, 2019


They look great glad you tried the reflector.

18 Mar, 2019


Yours are well ahead of mine, and looking nice & sturdy, that's a variety I've not heard of. Have you grown that variety before or is the a first?

19 Mar, 2019


Thanks Thrup, it seems to work. Just got to get them used to Manchester now☺
First time with these GG, a previous poster last year (wish I could give him credit) said they were the best he'd tasted. I've grown toms every year for the last decade so thought I'd try something more interesting than Moneymaker, etc.
The seeds are easy to find online, it's a semi-heritage variety, medium beefsteak good for sarnies & pasta sauces. The costoluto bit of the name refers to the fluted, ribbed fruit shape.
Just hoping for some sun to get them beyond sprouts now!

19 Mar, 2019


I only sowed mine at the weekend, I don't plant them out in the greenhouse until end of May so if I sow them too early they get a bit leggy.

19 Mar, 2019


Wow! They look good Darren. It's time I potted mine into separate pots.

20 Mar, 2019


Thanks D8, I've never had much luck with the beefsteak type despite lots of attempts. One year I went to West Dean for tomato day and came home inspired but still failed.

I think I may have another bash

20 Mar, 2019


GG- I noticed that Poundstretcher were carrying Marmande this year, I think that's fairly similar. Two packs for £1 lowers the risk/irritation & you can get Rocket or mustard as a companion plant

20 Mar, 2019


D8 I've tried Marmande,one of the first I grew years ago, fail, grew but nothing like the pictures

I prefer Mamade, beats Lild marmalade hands down ;-)

Just posted new blog about toms

20 Mar, 2019


they look really good Darren , well done I've got one lot of small plants , I must plant some more ...

21 Mar, 2019


Hi Darren ...
do you have an update on the progress of the tomatoes ? The plants look very healthy in the photo above.

3 Apr, 2019


I grow Crimson Crush and Sungold Darren and they are very sweet and plentiful. But they are still in the warm conservatory as its still too cold to put them in my unheated greenhouse.

6 Apr, 2019


Not really Terra, they're out in the little plastic greenhouse thingy overnight with no losses but not much upward growth. Though I did notice this afternoon that they're already putting out side shoots & may've had a little aphid attention. I suppose the combination of overcast Manchester skies & what must be fairly tight-fitting pots by now isn't conducive to rapid growth.
I've got 20litre grow bags (1 per plant) & I've been thinking about augmenting the compost with dried eggshell that I made into a near powder with a coffee grinder & a couple of good scoops of compost from my wormery. Then, after a light wetting, put the bags in their final spot so that the bacteria from the worm compost can spread before I plant into them. I always use a really weak dilution of aspirin on toms too, either watered in or as a foliar spray. The theory is that the salicylic acid in the aspirin makes the plant think it's getting mould & so it ups it's defences; like an inoculation. Then, once I've finally got the plants into the grow bags, I'll use 1/2 a teaspoon of Epsom salts per full watering can for magnesium which helps stop blossom end rot.
Bet you wish you hadn't asked now😄

6 Apr, 2019


Hi Rose! Haven't tried either of those but I definitely think it's worth getting something a bit nicer than the same 'old reliables' I usually grow. All toms need a wee bit more attention than most veggies?
My brother sent me some planter tubs from Wilko's that have water reservoirs in the bottom so I'm going to attach them to the fence & try putting 4 small tom plants in each, too many I know but he got me a water butt too so at least I won't have to lug watering cans from the kitchen sink any more☺
I'm sowing two Ildi in each at the back, near-fence side & two red tumbling tom at the front. Fingers crossed & with a little extra fertiliser it'll work...
Good luck with yours!

6 Apr, 2019


D8, I use the water reservoir type, mine weren't Wilkos though. They work a treat
Mine have enough room for two of my Balcony yellows in them, they are ideal for them, 4 in one maybe too many but depends on size I guess

I've not seen them in Wilko but never really looked, I will next time I'm in

7 Apr, 2019


Hi GG, the Wilko's ones I've got are square & for 11Kg loading, whatever that means...
I'm sort of banking on ildi & tumbling tom not blocking each other's light & being quite compact, plus, slightly guiltily, I haven't been able to give up miracle gro. It's just so bloody effective...
Fingers crossed & full of optimism because Manchester might stay about 10°c overnight tonight☺

7 Apr, 2019


Thanks Darren. I used to grow Ilde. I loved them and then couldn't get the seeds, so sweet, but sungold are I think just as sweet.

7 Apr, 2019


I got mine in Wilko's Rose. Glad to know they're good

7 Apr, 2019

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