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i love cocker spaniels. dad had one when we were kids.
a taffy who has just retired and enjoying life. my footy team is cardiff, rugby the blues and my boyhood idol was tom graveney.
i enjoy most gardening and natural history programes but am no expert. i used to catch butterflies as a kid, so when one flits by i can usually put a name to it.
love telly series. one of my favorites was "a picture of britain" presented by david dimbleby. and "in search of the dark ages" by michael woods
i have a garden 103 feet long, but only 24 feet wide. the patio is circular and crazy paved. a semi-circular "jungle" border overshadows an oval 1,000 gallon pond. access is gained by a gravel path which leads on to my lawn and approached under two flowering cherries. in the cente of the lawn is my vedge patch 10 wide x 15.
to the left i have a border of roses and on the right fruit bushes.
i hope to plant another tree down the bottom left and build a refuge on the right.
hope all that makes sense.
hugs, dave.

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  • my water feature
  • taken from our bedroom
  • two of the women in my life, sugar and a long suffering charlie
  • my seat at ninian park

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