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Gardening Scotland 2010 - Part 2


By david


This is just where I get to collect together the pics of our favourite sights from this year’s show, as well as some of the show gardens. Having been lucky to get here at all this year, due to short-notice changes to work shifts, it was a bit of a mad dash round the showground, in the rain, but managed to see everything (I think).

This Spitfire and co-ordinated floral display was created jointly by Edinburgh City Council and the royal Air Forces Association, to mark the 70th anniversary this year of the Battle of Britain, and to highlight the work of the RAFA charity.

“Wildlife Motel”. We rather liked this idea for using up old bricks, pots, straw, hollow canes etc, to attract wildlife to the garden. This could be created to any size, and be tucked away somewhere. I might try this in my “adopted” garden.

The Gardening Scotland Show would just not be the same without its emblem – those stunning Himalayan poppies.

Blues, purples, whites, and their variations, seemed to dominate in the show gardens this year, with no zingy “hot” displays. The use of water and mirrors seemed to be popular choices, too.

There seemed to be a lot of focus on hard landscaping materials, too.

I was quite atrracted by this blend of metal, paving, warm wood and water, but, I think, it might have benefited from some more greenery and/or dark -coloured foliage (not that I would really have a clue, lol!).

Disappointingly for me, “Grow Your Own” was barely featured this year, as it has in previous shows. There was only one garden given over to this, and I had seen it featured on Gardeners’ World coverage of Chelsea last week.

The exposed landscape of Northern Scotland, or its islands, was the inspiration for this veggy garden, with its beautiful “blinds” which can be swung around to direct sunshine to protect the crops from wind, rain or scorching sun, the planted roof, and small rooftop wind turbine for power.

Surprisingly (or,perhaps, not), my children kept dragging me into the gadget and garden ornament “shops”, and would have easily spent a lottery win!

“I’m definitely having a place like this in my garden when I have my own house!” declared James.

“Crumbs!”, thought I, “I’d love this to be my house!”

Eildih wanted me to shell out £10 on a reel of pink plastic strimmer cord to make jewellery from!!

They spotted a couple of rather nice ship’s wheels, but the price was “overboard”.

“Well, then!”, they said, “What about him for our Peter Pan part of the garden?”

I must admit, I was quickly “Hooked” on this one, and would have snapped him up in a minute – until I read the price tag. £690!!!!

We ended up playing “Swingball” in the rain for 20 mins, then spent all our money on hot doughnuts and drinks for the drive home, lol!

All of us looking forward to next year’s show, now! :-)

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Wonderful photos and descriptions, David.
Excellent paragraphs, too. ;o)
Pleased that you, James and Eilidh enjoyed your visit so much. :o)

8 Jun, 2010


You really packed it all in to your 3 hours. It is wonderful to see all ages enjoy this show. Your photos are superb.

8 Jun, 2010


~ sounds like a grand day out!Great photos and commentary!

8 Jun, 2010


What a great blog love the crocodile and the children seem to be enjoying them selves.

8 Jun, 2010


It's great to go to a show like this, if only to get some inspiration for our own gardens, what a price for the Crocodile ! Love the Wildlife Motel which could be placed in a corner of the garden, hmmm, I feel a plan taking shape here !

8 Jun, 2010


What a lovely day out for your and your children David , I liked the wildlife hotel it's a great way to put a nature corner together ... the Meconopsis poppies are beautiful I thought they only came in blue ..............

8 Jun, 2010


is n't the spitfire garden wonderful!--- lovely day out and the house --- great!

8 Jun, 2010


Loved the Spitfire and the crock. What was he made of...... Gold?

8 Jun, 2010


remember your peter pan--- never smile at a crocodile! ---
no you can't get friendly with a crocodile

---lovely blog shipmates :)))

8 Jun, 2010


great blog..... glad you had a nice day out....

8 Jun, 2010


Thank You, Miss! Glad I've wrote those parargrafs proper! :-))

Thanks, Scotsgran. sorry we missed you :-(

Thank You, Arlene and 6d :-))

Oh, Shirley! Look forward to seeing this plan, if it materialises. :-)

Ian! "Crock" with a deliberate "kicking K"? And gold? Haha, good one!

Lol, Pam! Thank You, Holly! :-)

There are now many cultivars of himalayan poppy, Amy. Colours range from blues, to purples, and white, too. :-))

8 Jun, 2010


I liked this blog of yours, David, lots of pictures of gardens & plants that I'd never see otherwise! I bet your kids really enjoyed their day out!

What was their reaction to seeing the Spitfire up so close? As a boy our dad took us to the Imperial War Museum in London. Later I went to a school beside the museum!!!

Talking about Spitfires, there was an aerial display featuring one here last Saturday.

8 Jun, 2010


Hi Balcony,

it was my son who spotted this before any of us, and he took the pics.He even took a pic of the info board, and read it all out to us! I wonder if the display you mention was part of the anniversary?

I visited the IWM 2 years ago - amazing! Bet you would see a lot of updating if you went now! I went, because the Museum of Gardening (formerly the Museum of Gardening History), by Lambeth Palace, and close to the IWM, was closed for refurbishment.

The "Grow Your Own" motto is, of course, well represented, with marvellous displays dedicated to the girls of our Land Army, and the American "Dig For Victory" campaigns (posted pics from this visit at the time).

Was also interested to see the movie "Wizard of Oz" (a former garden theme of ours) featured in its own display. It was released in 1939, just as the War erupted, and there are a few quotes from the kids of the time, from the island of Guernsey, where they say that they were in the cinema enjoying the latest movie release, when their island was invaded - and they never got to see it all. :-((

You can now walk through the WW1 trenches, and be herded into an air raid shelter in London's East End during the Blitz in WW2.The walls and bench seats quake, and the street you were before is ruined and on fire when you get the "all clear" to emerge.

There is now, of course, a significant Holocaust display, with very graphic film footage, and recorded interviews.

I left the Museum, with my eyes filled with tears, and the sunshine turned them into mini rainbows :-)

I wish that the "Imperial" would be removed from the title, as "History" has been removed from the nearby gardening museum.

I also wish that our local Council would look back and see how our parks and open spaces were once given over to food production in a time of need, and, perhaps, given the new-found popularity of growing one's own edibles, give over even a corner of a park for allotments.I give my Council their due, they presented plans for 32 new allotlments in a corner of a park - but had to admit defeat due to the opposition from local dog-walkers and picnicers!

I suppose that times do change, but was angry because of this!!! Do they realise what happened with their parks in recent times, and how this contributed, perhaps, to them even being here????

Enjoying your allotment blogs, Balcony! Wish I had mine! :-)))

8 Jun, 2010


Lovely 2nd Blog David super pics I bet it was a super show, well done James on the Spitfire pic, loved the pic with the Alliums and grass and those two happy crew members in the lovely wooden house, not to mention the fierce croc super :o)

8 Jun, 2010


Brilliant blog David - I felt like I was there. (I wonder if one of those Croc's would stop the neighbourhood cats c******g on my garden ?) :-)

9 Jun, 2010


Two lovely blogs, really enjoyed being with you at the show. It's the village fete here this weekend and we are having a Spitfire and Hurricane fly-past which I'm really looking forward to. Muddy - you'd need a 'fleet' of crocs to protect your garden, lol.

9 Jun, 2010


Thank You, folks.

It will be great to see those planes in the air, Wagger. This would be a very expensive cat-scarer, Muddy. The cats would maybe s^^^ themselves with fright anyway, so would maybe just make the problem worse? :-D)

9 Jun, 2010


I haven't seen the IWM since I was a boy! So in the 45 odd years that have passed I'd imagine they'd made a few changes!

Your son took a great photo then! Congratulate him from me.

I know of at least 3 allotment fields here in H'don. There may be one or two I don't know about as the town has grown a lot during the more than 40 years that have passed since I moved up here as a teenager with my family! There are now new areas of the town that I haven't visited since returning here from Spain almost exactly 9 years ago. Not having a car or bike, nor any need to visit these places, other than out of pure curiosity, I haven't been there. There is a new 4 star hotel that I know of but have not seen, other than in the local rag, I don't even know how to get to it!!! No local bus goes by it that I know of.

9 Jun, 2010


What a great blog
Thank you for taking me around the show as I didnt actually see that much as we were very tired and busy
It was lovely to meet you david and scots gran and bulbaholic (sorry I didnt reconise your impression of your self) I was a bit too over tired lol
I can wait to plant the seeds that I purchased on your stand
What lovely children they are your grandchildren so well behaved
Thanks :)

9 Jun, 2010


So glad to see that you have got home, safe and sound, Vicky, and Richard!!

Amazed that you have had enough energy left to drop in here!!!

Your display was awesome (knew it would be, of course).. Many Thanks for remembering us with the H. "Blood Red", and James loves his choice of "Green Spice". "All the Best" for the NEC !! :-))

10 Jun, 2010


great pics, bet you really enjoyed it all ;o))

27 Jun, 2010

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