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"The Haven" (4)


By david


I have, finally, gained control (I think?) of the grassed areas, weed-choked borders, overgrown hedges and neglected shrubs/trees in my other garden.

Pink Asitlbe with Purple Delphinium

I am making an inventory of all the plants, and may consider re-siting some later.

Red Astilbe

I was very pleased to discover some daylilies (Hemerocallis), as they are among my favourite perennials.

I never used to care much for hydrangeas, but they are “growing” on me. It’s nice to have two diferent colours here.

Lavender is in full bloom right now, drawing in bees, butterflies,hoverflies, etc.

The new foliage on several Pieris japonica shrubs are providing a warm glow.

In the newly-created “Hostalry/Fernery”, everything is thriving; even the primroses I brought from my own garden in May are in bloom again.

Hart’s Tongue Fern

When this area is in real shade for part of the day, the foliage of Hosta “Patriot” shines out.

Hosta “Patriot”

The earlier white-flowered spiraeas have bowed out, giving the pink-flowering ones their turn to show off.

Well, must get back to some more serious graft. Next week, I plan to totally clear the stream banking, which has been completely taken over by giant hogweed, nettles, Himalayan balsam, and many other “nasties”. :-((

“Grace”, surveying everything around her.

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What a super blog David. You have really worked hard there, and the photos are fantastic. I love that pale pink Astilbee in the first one, but they are all lovely.

8 Aug, 2010


Well Done , Bet that took a lot of effort and hard work but you'll be able to enjoy it all now !

8 Aug, 2010


I'm pleased to see you are taming this garden David, I imagine many hours of hard work have gone into this, the photos probably only show us a little of your work ! I love the Astilbes, the Hosta is a gorgeous one and such a huge Lavender ! I wish you well in clearing the stream banking, will it be planted up with some 'goodies' rather than the 'nasties' it has at the moment ?

8 Aug, 2010


Goodness, you've put some serious work in there, David, and what a difference it has made. Brilliant, you should be very proud of your efforts :)

8 Aug, 2010


Many Thanks, everyone!

"Master of the House" said that it took hime a whole 2 and a half days, just to cut the grass and do the strimming (there is also the farm track out front to tend to - strimming the grass and weeds, keeping the hawthorn hedges trimmed, etc. Thankfully,with serious tackling, this is now down to one morning a week. He is happy, now, to cut the lawn areas, which is a great help to me. I strim the lane in an hour, once a week, and the hedges have only needed 2 clips since may. this now allows me to concentrate on better things.

Will show and tell more about the stream banking after my spell there on Tuesday, Shirley, but thinking that, as it has some tall, deciduous trees, it would make a wonderful "snowdrop walk" in late winter, for a start. "Lady of the House" is with me on that one, lol!!

8 Aug, 2010


A Snowdrop walk sound idyllic to me, followed by lots of Narcissus but I don't want to give you any extra work ... lol !

8 Aug, 2010


:-)) Shirley. The Mrs told me that she once planted lots of narcissus bulbs, but that OH kept spraying the banking with weedkiller. There was only one clump, with 5 flowers, left, when I first saw this place. We have won him round, though, and the spraying has stopped, for good! I pointed out how detrimental his actions were on the wildlife and wildflowers, etc. :-))

8 Aug, 2010


Right then, give The Master a bulb-planter and HUNDREDS of bulbs for his penance .. lol

8 Aug, 2010


Or........ fix a plank out over the stream, and threaten to make him walk it, if he ever dares do so again!!! :-D)

8 Aug, 2010


Is the Piratical theme going to your head a little too much ? : o )))

8 Aug, 2010


Hope not!!! Aye, I sailed into other territorial waters, with this comment. :-)))

8 Aug, 2010


Fabulous garden you've tamed there David love the planting combos too.
A snowdrop walk by the stream is a lovely idea
Super blog and pictures as ever :o)

8 Aug, 2010


Wow, David - it's coming on soooo well. I just hope that 'they' appreciate your hard work. :-))

9 Aug, 2010


David your garden looks lovely really is coming along fine, like Grace think she is brill.

9 Aug, 2010


Lovely blog David you have made it lovely well done, some of my primroses are blooming again, must be the weather concusing them.

9 Aug, 2010


Can see you are have so much fun in your other garden and love the idea of a snowdrop walk fantastic work David.

14 Aug, 2010


I`m working backwards David, its catchup time again,lol. It seems you have tamed the Master as well as the garden, Keep up the hard work, it all looks smashing.........

21 Aug, 2010


Many Thanks, folks, for the supportive comments. :-))

Funny how we always seem to work backwards, Lincslass, isn't it? :-))

21 Aug, 2010


looking lovely david, pretty pics to ;o))

22 Aug, 2010


Thank You, Sandra. ;-))

26 Aug, 2010


im with u on the catch up Lincs....
i had to go back to the start...its a great read. just like a mini series on the
David have u seen 'such a perfect day' blog? there is a pic in there right up your street...

30 Sep, 2010


Lol, Sandra, re mini-series. Actually, I'm looking forward (for once) to the snow pics from here, if I can get up the track, that is.

Need help to find that blog, as am also way behind here. Tried the serach box, but didn't find it. Can you remember who posted it, so that I can visit it?

30 Sep, 2010



1 Oct, 2010


Thank You, Sandra - I've found it now!! :-)))

1 Oct, 2010


Someone has been working very hard to make this a superb garden, well done.

3 Oct, 2010


Many Thanks, Dd! :-))

10 Oct, 2010


Your welcome David....

11 Oct, 2010

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