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Fife Flower Show 2010 (1) The Flowery Bits


By david


I enjoy the fact that our local show is in September, as it means getting to see riots of late Summer/early Autumn colour.


I took so many pics that it has taken me quite some time to sort through them, and decide what to leave out. I have, therefore, divided them into two “sections” – flowers and plants, and the wonderful veggies.

I always enjoy seeing the marvellous ways people find to display their beautiful exhibits

The bonsai classes attracted a great many entries this year; I love those works of art.

This duet of off-white gladioli really caught my eye, as they stood out among their more colourful neighbours.

G. “Perth Pearl” and “Cream-of-the-Crop”

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society, so extra classes were included in the schedule to mark the occasion.

There was a special display of 50 different varieties of dahlia, too. Here are a few of these, chosen as personal favourites:-

“Minley Carol”


“Jescot Julie”

“Weston Pirate”

It’s always good to see the entries by local schools, and looking at some of the great detail.

As the song says, “Never smile at a crocodile”, but this wooden feature in the play area made me do so.

I wanted to pick him up and take him home! :-))

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Great Blog as usual David, the photos are fantastic, every one, and I couldnt pick out any one as being better than the other. Love the kids section, the bonsai and the house leeks, but as I say, the flowers are all gorgeous. I so enjoyed it.

3 Oct, 2010


First class show, with first class pictures.......

3 Oct, 2010


Great photos David. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I love the crocodile lol. I would have wanted to take him home aswell :o)

4 Oct, 2010


Fantastic show photos David. I do enjoy seeing the childrens exhibits. I also love the pompom dahlias. I'll need to put it in my diary for next year as I was not aware it was on in September. I'm off to look at the veggies now.

4 Oct, 2010


Fantastic show, David, so many entries it must have taken ages to see them all. I love the croc too - perhaps he would frighten my mole away! Off now to see all the veggie :)

4 Oct, 2010


Stunning photo's david, we go up to fife to visit our friends but not been told of this show, must make plans for next year.

4 Oct, 2010


What an amazing collection of hot colours David ..really capture the tints of autumn.I always marvel at the dedication and attention to detail contributors give to their exhibits.I m just happy to grow any of them let alone to show standard.

4 Oct, 2010


Magnificent blog, David!!! I really, really enjoyed seeing all those wonderful exhibits! The Dahlias looked really wonderful, too! I'd love to see an exhibition like that nearer here. The only flower show that used to be held here "died" some years ago. I only remember having visited it on one occasion. When I came back to the UK I hoped to see it again but it was not on any longer. :-((

4 Oct, 2010


Stunning photos David! Looks like it was a great show. I love the crocodile too....puts me in mind of Peter pan & Captain Hook, hmmm...a new theme for another year, & you could reuse the pirate ship......

8 Oct, 2010


So glad you enjoyed seeing part of our local show. I thought that there were, perhaps, fewer entries this year, so hope that it does not go the same road as so many other ones have, and disappear.

10 Oct, 2010


I hope that won't happen but you know it might be a generation thing. A lot of the exhibitors are up in years and the generation likely to follow their interest in gardening is very much youths and under, age wise. Maybe when there are a bit older the shows will find favour again. There is a great interest in gardening and growing your own from young families who are crying out for allotments so fingers crossed.

11 Oct, 2010


Wow - the Dahlias are my absolute favourite. Lovede pics 4 and 7 and the Gladioli too. but you can't go past dahlias!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Oct, 2010


Hi Scotsgran! Think that your comment is very true, indeed, as the generation between is too "busy" with careers, raising families, etc., but I do know that many families are on waiting lists for allotments, too. Yes, everything Xd that's Xable. :-)))

Lol, you just can't ignore or fail to notice them, pip, can you? :-)))

Hi Grammazoo! Must have posted around the same time back there. Have incorporated a bit of Peter Pan into our garden this year. In fact, this was one of the main inspirations for our theme, as this year has been the 150th anniversary of the birth of author JM Barrie. We have lavender "Peter Pan", saxifrage "Peter Pan", we grew a variety of potato called "Pixie" (for Disney's pixie dust version of fairy dust). Other plants out there, hoping to get for next year, include heuchera "Wendy", agapanthus "Peter Pan", patio rose "Peter Pan", fuchsia "Miss Tinkerbelle", and aster "Master Michael". We have nick-named our heucheras "Hookeras", and was great to be able to divide up and replant clumps of my fave grass, Uncinia rubra - common name "Hook Sedge", LOL!!! As a garden-related day out, we visited Barrie's birthplace (now a museum) and his grave (did blog in August if you're interested). Now you know why I wanted that croc!!! Many Thanks! :-)))

11 Oct, 2010

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