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Spring Colour at The Haven


By david


After a few months’ absence from my other garden, it is good to be back, especially to enjoy all the Spring colour.

Pieris and Solomon’s Seal

The primulas, some of which I’d brought from my own garden in May last year, are still putting on a colourful display.

My mass planting of Narcissus bulbs along the stream embankment in Autumn has been a success.

At a local garden centre, I had made up my own “pick ’n mix” style bag of white Narcissus bulbs of two varieties, “Winston Churchill” and “Carlton”, which were planted along the top of the banking.

The 5kg bags of mixed Narcissus bulbs I bought at Lidl were very successful. Although there were no white-flowering ones, as suggested by the picture on the label, the mix of self-coloured, orange and yellow, double- and single blooms, has been excellent. I shall get some more later this year, if available, as there is still plenty of room for more.

It is also Rhododendron time, with some in full bloom and others just budding.

This lovely display of tulips looks especially good with the backdrop of the dark green foliage of English Laurel.

I could easily have spent all of my time admiring the plants yesterday, but I did have an important task to do. The water feature for the new lily pond in the “Hint of the Orient” garden had arrived, and I wanted to get it set up and working.

I had had a lot of misgivings about Squire’s and M’lady’s choice of water feature, especially as it is titled “Dolphin”! I’ve never seen a dolphin like this one, and looks more like some sort of scaly sea serpent, or a cross between a fish and a dragon. I do think, though, that it looks a bit oriental. With a choice of 5 colours, I would never have picked this very pale grey/off-white, but they were looking ahead, and thinking of it weathering. Overall, I do really like it, however. In order to have the plinth sitting on the pond surface, I raided my own garden shed and found a metal “Long Tom” style planter, which already had a drainage hole, through which the copper pipe of the water feature would fit. I painted it with black exterior metal paint so that it would not be seen in the pool, and would also hide the hose and pump. Seems to have worked a treat!


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Lovely colours ...
... you are certainly transforming The Haven :o)

7 May, 2011


Good work David, The daffs are beautiful, i remember you planting them along the bank....I love the water feature....

7 May, 2011


Hi David, what beautifully presented pics. The borders set your lovely photos off perfectly. I love the stream area and those tulips look wonderful - and this from someone who is not really a fan of them! Now I'm converted :o) You've been very inventive with the water feature which is looking really good.

7 May, 2011


"I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!" as a certain Mr Mildew (sorry, meant Meldrew) would have said. Had just pressed the "publish" tab on my blog when the 'phone rang. Have had to listen to both M'lady and Squire telling me that they decided to move the water feature a few inches - and have punctured the pondliner!!! Have just ordered a repair kit online for delivery Tuesday. With the pond water level already down more than 1ft, it should, hopefully, be empty and dry for my next visit on Wednesday or Thursday.

With "transformation" comes a, sometimes, over-eager enthusiasm on the part of a garden's owner(s), Tt. I shall have to show you what they did to my natural-looking "Hostalry/Fernery", lol!! Seriously, though, am glad to see them taking such an active interest in their own garden areas, at last, and it is theirs, after all. :-))

Secretly (haha!), I have fallen in love with this water feature, Motinot, and, given its location, with all that moss around, am sure that it will weather quickly, and beautifully. :-))

7 May, 2011


Maybe the Dolphin would benefit from being fed a little yoghurt ... good for the complexion...

So, it seems you put the water feature a few inches away from the optimum position .... you won't do that again in a hurry...

Yes, good that the owners are involved so actively in the development of The Haven...

Can't wait to see the Fernery update ... is it turning into a Stumpery ? ;o)

I hope the puncture repair kit is of the type designed for ponds... and not for bicycles....

7 May, 2011


Am already thinking of the yoghurt treatment, Tt, LOL! Would rather have some lichen covering than thick moss. Yes, how could I have been so remiss as to think that they would not change their minds re the EXACT position, haha!!! Yes, the repair kit is for a "water wheels" situation, rather than the Tour de France! Not even a stumpery! Orderly transplanting of the ferns, hostas, et al, with a lovely bark chip path, all neatly edged with log-roll!!!!?????***** Would look much better, now in their front garden, methinks! Glad they don't read this stuff - LOL!!! :-))

Have found some benefits from Picasa and Picnik, Lily, so sometimes use them now to "improve" pics. Not really a fan of tulips, myself, to be honest, but these came up trumps! :-))

7 May, 2011


Ooooh.. Log Roll with chips ... tasty ... ;o)

7 May, 2011


Oh David, Be honest now, I DON`T BELIEVE IT!!!!!, anyone would think it was their garden, lol.
Seriously though I bet they were upset, I think its a chinese/dragon type fish and I do like it, shame you have to do all that work again.
You already know I love that stream walk, its coming on so well, I have some of your choices here in my garden they are lovely, M`Lord and M`Lady are lucky to have you, saying that you have The Haven to share so I guess it goes both ways.
Fantastic photo`s, good luck with the liner replacement and already looking forward to next blog..
Hope the young`un`s are ok......

7 May, 2011


Ooh, we have gone all posh with our photo presentation today, David! It's wonderful really, just jesting with you. Those Primulas have flowered for how long? Months and months methinks! Just love that stream embankment and could happily meander alongside the water. I don't understand why the water feature is titled 'Dolphin' at all and certainly wouldn't want to swim with that type of Dolphin ... lol! You have done a great job in installing it ... : o ))

7 May, 2011


David - your 'M'lady and Squire' are really lucky to have you - you are very tolerant ...

Love the stream bank plantings - can you imagine how profuse they will be in a couple of years!! Do you plan to plant other woodland flowers like bluebells and primroses? things I remember seeing on woodland walks as a child

7 May, 2011


Lovely update David. I wanted to LOL when I saw that dolphin? I can just hear it saying "Got you Davie me lad. I'm not quite in the right spot." It has a wicked twinkle in its eye. How is the allotment coming on?

7 May, 2011


glad your back missed reading your blogs,lovely flowers,love tulips and the daffs look great on the river bank

8 May, 2011


certainly has worked .................. i love the fish ,serpent ........thingy lol , love the way u dun ur pics david ................. colours are lovely ;0))))
colarges are fab !!!

8 May, 2011


David....everything is looking wonderful....your bulbs did you proud :)

I hope you can successfully repair the pond liner...just a bit too much tinkering by the are very patient with their reorganization skills(?)...ferns and hostas with the path sounds a bit "formal"...alas they do appreciate your hard work.

Your photos are lovely, framed as they are.

8 May, 2011


Nice to see you back David.....Lovely photos......

8 May, 2011



All your photos look magnificent!

I love them!

(Too busy) Hilda

10 May, 2011


so nicely put together david, lovely pics of the haven :o)

11 May, 2011


everything looks so nice

12 May, 2011


Many thanks for all your lovely comments on the plants, the water feature and the framed pics. Don't know where the past week has gone, but am pleased to report back that the pool was sorted out once again, today. It was far easier, and less expensive, too, to buy a whole new liner, and starting again. The pool now has 3 layers of lining, the "dolphin" was positioned (never to be moved again, lol!) before any water went in. At last, I can look out for lilies, etc, and move on to the next "part", an adjacent decked area.

I don't think that they will "interfere" to such an extent again, lincslass and, Many Thanks, my "crew" members are hale 'n' 'earty! :-))

Have kept deadheading the Primulas, Shirley, to help keep them blooming. Hoping, once again, to get a second flowering in late summer. These flowers I leave to go to seed, hoping that they will disperse and produce new plants. :-))

I did plant some plantlets of primroses along the stream banking, Cate. There are also some oversized clumps of Bluebells around the garden which, after flowering, I will divide up, transplanting some down there. :-))

"Squire" has put a bit of a spoke in our wheel with regard to the allotment area, Scotsgran, raising some concerns of his own. It seems daft not to see them growing their own, as they are vegetarians, and hope to be able to sort out some arrangement. :-))

Your experience with the fish tank sounds awful, Homebird, and one that you clearly won't forget! :-((

I do not doubt that you are being kept too busy, Hilda, and will be for some time to come. You will be enjoying it all, however, of that I have no doubts. :-))

Once again, Thank You all, I do appreciate the "feedback". As I have a full "day off" to myself on Sunday, and with Squire and M'lady off for a long weekend away, am planning to be at The Haven all day, doing whatever I feel like tackling, so will report back after then.

13 May, 2011


We are enjoying a long weekend, it's the official "opening" weekend and Victoria's birthday...happy 24th of May, David!
I wondered how the "dolphin" would fit with the rest...but you are right, it does look like it will meld into the oriental ambiance, especially when it "weathers" a little...some nice moss perhaps?
Well here it is, Sunday...hope you're enjoying yourself. the bulbs look wonderful and you've framed the pics of the flowers ...nice software! Will check back to see what you got up to today!

22 May, 2011

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