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"The Weather Outside is Frightful,,,,,,,,"


By david


The fire is, really, delightful. There’s nowhere to quickly go. Please? No more snow, no more snow, no more snow!!!!!!!!

Was “forced” today into trudging and sliding my way to the nearest shop to top up my gas and electric meter cards (great idea, in rented properties, as no unexpected bills, but a pain when the credit runs out. Personal note now made to be more organised, but didn’t bank on this prolonged weather).

I had to switch off the boiler before topping up the gas. Guess what? When I went to switch it back on, the switch button came off in my hand!!!! Grrrrr!!!

’Phoned my landlady, who had an engineer round in 30mins!!!! (Well, she does really like the garden we have created where there was none before, and wonder if this helped with the speed of service?).

Whilst clearing space in the boiler cupboard for him, I found, to my dismay, 3 bags of sprouting tulip bulbs I’d missed completely!! And – why, on Earth, did they get put in there in the first place?

How could I have forgotten them? What to do with them, now? I never heard of growing/forcing tulips indoors, and don’t think they would appreciate being planted in pots and put outside right now to “cook” at -8. Will post this under “Questions” soon.

Anyways, Peace, Heat and Hot Water have been restored – after a fashion. The boiler is permanently on, a new switch has been ordered, I have too many gallons of hot water but, this is not a problem, as the heating only works if I have the hot water tap on the bathroom basin running. ??

So, I have been having a relaxing evening, enjoying many of my Christmas gifts………………………..

This GOY Poinsettia really adds warmth to the lounge!

Many Thanks, P&A, M&S, and MG. With the new GOYpedia page on this plant, I have learned loads more re its care :-)).

But – who is this lurking beneath, trying to blend in with his surroundings?

“Gary the Gardener” wine bottle holder, from my cousin

I really like him! Wonder if I’ll end up looking like him, one day soon??? I also look on him as a variation of “Tin Man” from our Wiz of Oz garden. Anyways, he can keep his bottle of wine for now, don’t fancy anything chilled, having got heating restored, never mind that tap running constantly!
With our new and sudden change of garden theme to “Pirates”, might have been better if he had a bottle o’ rum, Yo Ho Ho!! Has made me think, however, of those rum ‘n raisin choc bars called “Old Jamaica”. Haven’t seen them in ages. Wonder if they’re still made?

Tried the TV (I don’t usually watch it). Nothing!!! Why did SKY do away with its UKTVGardens channel, just when I signed up? Grrrrr, I might as well call myself Victor Meldrew!!!!!!

But, I had an “ace up my sleeve”, so to speak. Two lovely books to peruse, both Crimbo pressies from GOYer Arlene………………

Marianne North (1830-1890), Botanical Painter, who gifted her collection to Kew Gardens

I used to love visiting the Marianne North Gallery (which she helped design) every year. Don’t know when I’ll get back, so I really enjoy this book!.

“The Collector: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest”

Another fascinating insight by renowned author, Jack Nisbet. David Douglas is my personal “planthunter hero”. Have initiated a personal project to “unearth” more details of his Scottish roots/education/training. etc., than has been hitherto written about, as most writings mention this very briefly, then leap ahead to his famous expeditions/discoveries/plant introductions to UK and Europe. Have already found a wholly lost garden, where he lived, trained, and got access to a library of botanical books (more later, perhaps).

The new catalogues have also begun dropping through the letterbox. I have been going through some of them, asterisking those with names which suit our theme. i always, however, see if I can get them via the GOY Garden Centre, first. Not only is online ordering easier (without leaving our fave website), but the savings on car fuel, store browsing,etc., make it all such a more pleasant experience – and, it helps keep GOY a free site for us all!!.

Anyways, what do I do? I go and choose to upload a pic of a Company NOT on the GOY Garden Centre list! I wish they were (and not only because our surname is the same, lol!). I wonder if I’m not related in some way, and worth even a small fortune?Lol!!

Well, not like me to ramble on like this, but kept me occupied, and got a couple of things off my “chest”. Come to think of it…………….

………… Gary seems to have “lost his bottle” when faced with the challenge raised by those tulip bulbs. Honestly, just cannot get the staff these days!!!

Pity they weren’t “parrot” tulips. No self-respecting pirate would be without one on his/her left shoulder!!!!

YO HO HO!!!!! Fair weather ahead, me ’earties!!!!!!! :-))

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Lol great blog david that made me laugh....Think Gary might be worst for wear in the morning better have the old painkillers on hand.....

7 Jan, 2010


Enjoyed your blog, David. Can't help you with the tulip problem (gave up on most bulbs as they seem to rot in the winter here) but I'm quite happy to help out with any bottles Gary is nurturing! Rum sounds good for a winters evening, just a splash in a cup of coffee :)

7 Jan, 2010


That was good to read,and made me smile this morning.Gary is a dapper little chap,and your books look interesting too.I agree about the Gardening channel on Sky.Most of the others are rubbish,and we only have it,because we are in a bad reception area,and can't have cable here either,as we did at the other house,so yes,David,....Grrr....

7 Jan, 2010


I agree about the TV. Mostly rubbish! We haven't got Sky - and cable doesn't come out ino rural areas, so it's read a book time or of course browse through GOY!!!!

Tulips? Try feeding the squirrels with them, David (hollow laugh) ...they've dug up and eaten every one in my garden.

Glad you got your hot water etc back. That was quick! :-))))

7 Jan, 2010


Great Blog David &im glad ur all fixed now :) Id plant the Tulips into some Pots/Containers & place them in a Sheltered Place for now :) Jacx

7 Jan, 2010


Great blog David think i'd do same as Jacque says plant in pots put in sheltered spot.

7 Jan, 2010


Thank You ! haha, am at work today, so plenty of free heat and hot drinks :-)).

Thank you, Jacque and Clarice, for the advice re the tulips. I don't suppose that "Gary" will havve done anything with them whilst I'm out , hehe!

Yes, Spritz, I read about your unwelcome visitors to your bulbs :-((. Here, they are known to enter houses and trash whole rooms, if windows unwittingly left open while householders out.

Trust Tt to be able to include this blog in Goypedia, too - "watering cans" !!

Well, teabreak over, back to the job in hand. :-))

7 Jan, 2010


Fun blog David, I enjoyed it!
I've got bulbs too David, dug them out of troughs end of season, forgot to put them back! Was going to try them in pots too as I have seen that other GoY members did that.

7 Jan, 2010


great blog david, nice pressies to, plant the bulbs and keep them in till snow and frost gone, im sure they will be ok, then stand pots between plants in spring, or just have them on your window ledge indoors

7 Jan, 2010


Enjoyed your blog david...... i to have to get electric on made sure i had loads on before xmas...... as ive been using electric heater as well as the central heating.... which i dont have on all the time... great xmas pressies...... good job your landlady was on the ball, and got your heating sorted........ keep warm

8 Jan, 2010


Many Thanks for the growing tips. Will get them potted up this weekend - if I can tear myself away from those books and seed/plant catalogues..:-)).

Keep warm, too, Holly, and everyone.The "fair weather" may be a bit distant, yet. :-((.

9 Jan, 2010


I quite understand you are fed up with the snow, I, too, wish it would go back to the mountains & poles where it properly belongs & looks best! LOL! Here it actually began to melt a little today! I even noticed the difference in the hour & half I was at church this morning! It began to snow a little here around 3pm but didn't last long & didn't stay on the ground either. Phew!

It's good you got your heating sorted out so quickly.

As for your Tulips I would do as suggested by others above & put them in a couple of pots in a cool place - not freezing mind you! - till the weather warms up a little & then put them outside. They will probably flower in the spring. Good luck!

10 Jan, 2010


Many Thanks, Balcony. have done as suggested, and the tulips are now warm in bed, in the shed. :-))

10 Jan, 2010


Enjoyed your blog, loved Gary anything that carries a bottle is a friend for life, we have a old fashioned plaster waiter.....minus bottle, run out of supplies.How did your tulips fare in the end?

22 Jan, 2010


Would love one of those "waiters" Daisy!! Even if he does "run dry", lol!!

Have planted the tulip bulbs in pots, and topped with primroses in bloom now (must get pics). :-))

22 Jan, 2010


Yes please do.......

22 Jan, 2010


Am working this weekend, but will get around to it, Daisy! :-))

22 Jan, 2010


That's a good idea, David. I always overplant my bulbs with other plants.

23 Jan, 2010


Thanks, Balcony! Something I read about a while ago, and then was reminded by others doing the same, here on GOY. I was reading about tiered bulb planting in containers, somnetimes called "lasagne planting", which allows you to plant a variety of bulbs which require different planting depths, in a container. The ultimate outcome is to have a succession of flowers over a period. Have missed out this Spring, but, at least, I remembered to add some current surface interest! :-))

PS. Can't wait for the 1000s of daffs, crocus, etc., to be in bloom along the dual carriageways en route to work, or to see what delights our Council will plant for us as Spring bedding this year!!! Will be out and about with camera, for certain! Many of the public sculptures and artwork are interesting, too! :-))

24 Jan, 2010


I've done that many times! The first time ever was when I had, literally, 100s of red Tulips. I worked at the time in a factory where they made plastic strawberry planters. The promotional dept. came up with the idea of giving away red Tulip bulbs with each planter. I don't know what happened but we ended up with what seemed like 1,000s of leftover bulbs. So they gave them away to any employee that wanted them. I got several bags of them & planted them in the back garden & also in big pots - I planted them in about 3 layers in several pots! I think I still have the photos I took of them when they flowered! If I can find them I'll scan them into the computer & post a couple of photos in my pictures.

27 Jan, 2010

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